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The Auctioneers


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An unrelenting story of societal woes, and the rise of a different type of political candidate, primed to meet those difficulties head on.

The Auctioneers offers an uncompromising look into the current socio-political climate. Within the story, there is an ever-present call to resist and dismantle the status-quo. A desire to speak truth to power, against a system that benefits a privileged few, at the expense of many. And a demand for better critical thinking on the part of the masses, who have become too accustomed to information delivered via quick sound-bites and shoddy reporting. To get to the truth of almost anything requires work. Finding solutions to what ails us, individually and collectively, is difficult. Sometimes it can be down-right uncomfortable. But the first step is acknowledging that there is a problem. In The Auctioneers, Florian Schneider, illuminates an expansive international problem list, ranging from the socio-economic, to the political, to the environmental. These issues have been around for decades...centuries. Yet even in a narrative that may come across as mostly “doom and gloom,” there are crystalline moments of hope; a powerful underlying belief that with better leadership and representation, with a concerted pivot towards honesty and collectivism, we may be able to repair, at least, some of the damage before it’s too late.

The novel centers around the main character, Anabel Medina. She is a dedicated social worker, who finds herself the object of media attention, after she performs an act of true heroism during a mass shooting event. Anabel refuses to become a “media darling,” but with a bit of coaxing she discovers that she can use her fame to affect real change in the world, and give a voice to the voiceless. When she decides to run for public office, she’s met with acclaim as well as the requisite scorn. In spite of it all, she maintains her integrity, becoming a different type of political candidate: a politician who hates politics, and an aspirational figure for a despondent populace. I’d recommend reading The Auctioneers for Anabel alone. She’s an amazing protagonist, with a background that drives her towards a purposeful life. The Auctioneers also has interesting and complicated subplots dealing with family secrets, violence, drug addiction, and mental illness. Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that this novel is very much a love story; demonstrating that two individuals from disparate origins can be brought together by shared beliefs and a shared worldview. 


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June 2017

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Born and raised in Germany, Florian Schneider is a former small-time photo journalist turned marginally less small-time advertising photographer. He lives in Southern California with his unbelievably impressive Mexican-American wife. view profile

Published on May 19, 2020

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