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The Astral Hacker


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A compelling novel featuring a relatable main character with an awesome robot companion, tentative friendships and advanced technology.

Having not read a lot of novels like this one I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed The Astral Hacker; the story is compelling throughout with only minor errors which occurred rarely over the course of the novel. I found the storyline incredibly intriguing, and the way that Terenna approached the hacking aspect of it very interesting. This is part of what made the novel so compelling to read. I did occasionally notice small lapses in the plot; "scenes" that didn't seem to quite connect with the main crux of the story, yet still added something to it, and although there were some confusing elements at the beginning, such as Fae's memories of her past, these were mostly cleared up by the end of the novel. I look forward to seeing how the things that weren't quite resolved are approached in the sequel.

Fae felt like a deeply relatable character, in that she is not some invincible superheroesque character who can do anything and has little to no weaknesses, as some characters in some futuristic science-fiction novels are. She is flawed, as are the other central characters of the story around her. She feels guilt and has difficulties in some areas (even with the things she's incredibly talented at) and although she has strengths, she also has weaknesses. These all make her human, and relatable to anyone who might read the novel, in different ways.

I particularly loved Sunny's character and his personality; the fact he can create things himself is so cool! The companionship he provides Fae, and the close friendship between them is so wholesome, and the way he is so caring and protective of her and her friends just warmed, and then melted, my heart so much. I also loved the way that Terenna explored Nav's character, particularly with what she's gone through and her relationship with her father. Alexander also found his way into my heart; I just love his personality, and he's so cute in the way he acts sometimes. His interactions with those he is close to is adorable, and I particularly enjoyed reading his interactions with Sunny and Fae. I look forward to seeing how his relationship with them progresses into the sequel. It hurt me so much to see him and other characters, including Fae, hurt throughout the book – my heart broke a couple of times!

Overall, I found this a greatly intriguing and immersive novel with a gripping plot and relatable, likeable main characters, and am incredibly excited to read the sequel!

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Brian Terenna grew up in a land of possibilities. He saw a path to all of them, but could only pick one. Now, he creates worlds, where fantasy is reality and reality is anything you make it. His first two novels are “Talent Storm” and “Kissing the Intern.” view profile

Published on March 24, 2021

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