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The Ascenders Return To Grace Book 1


Worth reading 😎

This book can resonate with many readers looking for a fresh take on spirituality and moral messages.

As a spiritualistic person who recoils at spiritual teachings being forced down people’s throat, I am impressed with how this novel tackles such abstract spiritual teachings in a universal and non-imposing way.

It tells the story of Mike, a detective with the supernatural gift of detecting crime and making people good. He is then met by his guardian angel, Rachel who tells him that he has is actually part of special group of people called ‘Homo integrates.’ These are a more evolved human species that the beautiful, ordained angel Rachel is bringing together to instill the collective goal of fighting evil. 

Through this interesting narrative that merges the fantastical, the spiritual and the mundane we are given a very unprecedented story of spiritual crime fighters with the power to shape-shift and change their genders. It speaks greatly to our contemporary age by eloquently voicing controversial beliefs that I passionately agree with. One such example is the belief that women have assumed their power by taking a male perspective rather than using the power of their own female mind. Another is that, by degenderizing ourselves we’ve lost our sense of clarity and self-awareness.



It also drives the permeating theme of of aligning yourself with universal energy. We as species have become so locked with our material state that we forget that we are made up of greater and higher force. I enjoyed these elements of the story, quite frankly, more than I enjoyed the actual narrative. The writing is clear and inviting but the plot is too overly dynamic with new characters being introduced too late in the story and the prominence of other key characters falling away.


Despite these shortfalls, I think this book is well-deserving of a sequel and may resonate with many readers looking for a fresh take on spirituality and moral messages.

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Published on November 06, 2021

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