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The Apple



History's greatest mystery. Mankind's greatest theft.

For 6000 years, they’ve protected Eden’s mysteries.
Now someone is about to commit history’s most daring theft.

Queen Azura would sacrifice her life to fulfill her ancestors’ sacred mission. For thousands of years the Sentinels have safeguarded Eden and the Tree of Immortality. But one fateful night she awakens to find a man with a bullet wound in his head and an empty branch where the apple once hung.

He has no memories, not even his name. Nursed back to health by stern islanders who demand answers, he worries his nightmares of secret gates and a monstrous seven-headed serpent may be real. And if he doesn’t piece together the visions soon, his caretakers could become his executioners.

As the strange man struggles to recall how he came to the island, Azura fears someone has the means to defeat all their safeguards. And with the temptation of life everlasting, it’s only a matter of time before the would-be-killer strikes again.

Can Azura and the outsider solve the riddle before Eden’s final secret is exploited for evil?

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The Day It Is Stolen

Azura, the Queen of Sentinels, jolts straight up in bed, sleep abandoned, dream forgotten.

A lightning bolt illuminates the night sky outside. White light seeps through the veins of darkness, igniting life in the dead of night. Boom! Thunder tears through the white light, nipping its fairy wings before they spread.

Azura’s chest heaves as she hauls broken chunks of air into her lungs. Her heart is on fire, like a piece of it has been ripped apart; grabbed, jerked, and yanked out. Unimaginable pain engulfs her. She has never felt this way. Never.

Am I having a stroke? No, can’t be. I am too young to have a stroke.

She gasps. She remembers her mother’s dying words. And she knows. She knows what the ripping means: for the first time in six thousand years, it has been plucked, stolen, gone.

How is it possible?

She clutches her chest and cries through gritted teeth. “Guards!”

Her voice fails against the ravaging duel between thunder and lightning. She draws a deep breath.


Two men, dark of color and heavy of build, charge into the hut. They wear skirts made of pine needles. The loosely bunched pines waft in the breeze and crackle as the men dash into the room. Both carry tridents, three-pronged spears. Their sinewy, hairless chests shine brilliantly in the white light that dapples through the meshed window in the room. Apart from the pine skirts, they wear nothing. No armor, no ornaments.

“My queen?” says one of the guards.

“Wake…” Azura pauses and bites her lower lip to wade through the burning in her heart. “…wake Commander Bani. Gather troops.”

The guard glances at his comrade, who looks at him, equally confused. He considers asking ‘Why?’. But one never questioned the queen. Instead, he asks, “Now, my queen?”

Azura glares at him. Her eyes ablaze, her countenance fierce.


“Umm…” The guard looks everywhere except directly at Azura. “…what should I tell the commander?”

“Tell her it has been stolen.” Azura takes a deep breath. “An apple from the Garden of Eden has been stolen.”

About the author

Devashish is the acclaimed author of 10x10 Thrills, a Facebook and Instagram blog where he writes 100 word thrillers for his community of 100,000+ followers. He lives in Singapore with his wife and college sweetheart, Megha. He currently flits across the globe selling hope in a jar (beauty creams). view profile

Published on November 02, 2019

80000 words

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Genre: Thriller & Suspense