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The Alternative History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire


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An interesting alternative universe for historical and political readers that explores our world's history in a new light.

As history lovers, we have all at some point wondered about the "what if"s of historical events: What if Anne Boleyn had a son? What if the Axis had won the war? What if Rome never fell?

In this Utopian alternative history, Missaiel explores our world as it could have been had Rome not fallen in 476 AD.

Ignoring the human nature and with the assumption that important political figures at the time had the necessary insight to prevent any and all "disastrous events", this book paints a vivid picture of a world that is 1000 years ahead of our own, (mostly) because of the elimination of the middle ages.

As someone who's always been obsessed with Romans and Persians, I found this a very intriguing read. Even though many of the aspects of this alternative history is, in my opinion, not realistically plausible, it does make one wonder about the effects of history on our modern way of living.

"The Alternative History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" reads like old Latin texts where the hero of the story retells his epic adventures to an audience. The writing is all telling and no showing with phrases that feel repeated at times. And the characters are only relevant to the story in terms of relaying the events instead of their personalities.

This would usually be a problem for the fiction genre, but somehow it works perfectly for this book.

The book is short and easy to read, and can be finished in one sitting. The author leaves no stone unturned and does a great job of portraying every aspect of this alternative universe. He also makes the reader really think about where we shall go from here and how the future might look like.

I would say, though, that this book is not listed in the correct genre. As historical fiction is defined as a genre set in the past with imaginative narratives, while this book is pure science fiction complete with alternative universes and time travel.

No matter, this was still a very interesting read.

Recommended for history and politics lovers who enjoy contemplating our world and its past and future history.

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I am an Egyptian-American author, from Chicago, based in the DC area. I have a background in architecture and art and an interest in history. My main influences are Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and Oscar Wilde. view profile

Published on July 04, 2020

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