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The Age of the Scions


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Imaginative and fantastic with endearing characters bearing burdens in a fantasy land to keep the magic alive!

What a fantastic book with loads of magic reminiscent of beloved books like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and His Dark Materials! When Ana Wicker, who is "by all accounts, an ordinary girl" leaves home after a showdown between her parents, she finds a mysterious object that transforms her life. The Age of the Scions is a journey of magical exploration. Does it describe a hyper-realistic dream, a hyperactive imagination, or a hidden world beyond a portal? Read this book to find out more.

J.V.A. Young character sketches are endearing, innocent, wise beyond their years, and carry great burdens. There is a touch of awe, mystery, danger, and even humor in a world beyond a cave, brought alive by three unique personalities that Ana meets out of the blue. Frey, Felix, and Clomtrop are Scions in their world of Eperidium that is slowly losing its magic.

When the trio gets to know what brought Ana to Epirudiun, without much ado they set on a thrilling adventure that quickly transports them into an intrinsically woven fantasy land. They are out on a mission to save their world and reclaim the magic. Along the way, they are joined by more characters with fantastical prowess. The writing is smooth and the narration deftly builds on the plot. The writer is invested in the characters and you see Ana evolve in this tale of escapism.

The genre of fantasy writing stands upon the artistic and imaginative prowess of the writer. With so many books now available in the genre, the efforts of any author, who can create unique imagery and keep the reader engaged, are worthy of applause. Young does make a mark with this book and I recommend the exciting adventure for its pace and buildup. This is a book for young adults as well as lovers of fantasy fiction. It's a lengthy book so I will not recommend it to middle-school readers unless they have a voracious appetite for words. I also see a potential for dramatization with some great audio-visual effects. The book holds an artistic and imaginative appeal.

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The Cave in the Woods

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Published on March 06, 2022

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