The Adventures of Stinkerboy


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The Power of Farts Meets Asteroids will astound and entertain young readers.

When he was born, Biff Butkoff was extremely stinky. As he grew older, his stinky farts became more powerful and deadly. Worried about how he had inherited the stinker family superpowers, his mom takes him to Grandpa Ben to master “The Ways of the Stinker.” He tells him of a legend where Grandpa Master let out a supersonic fart that moved mountains. As Biff learns to control his fart powers. Now he can fly, knock down doors, knock people out, shoot flames from his butt, and even stop trucks in their tracks, but has yet to let out a supersonic one.

When an asteroid threatens to destroy the Earth, it is up to Biff to save it. His only hope is to produce the legendary supersonic fart that his Grandpa Master once produced. Can Biff save Earth? Will he be able to produce the supersonic fart?

This funny picture book is engaging, entertaining, and draws the reader into the story. The story flows nicely and is easy to follow.  I particularly liked how the main character had to reach deep inside himself and believe that he could do a supersonic far in order to be able to do one. Included was interesting facts about some of the words used in the text, which some children may find interesting. The text illustration ration isn’t overwhelming and can work well for a read aloud or for young readers to read on their own. The illustrations really complement the text and bring it to life.

A must-read or read aloud for fans of farts, potty humor, danger, saving the world, and superheroes will enjoy reading this book. Although recommended for young children to young readers, anyone who is young at heart will want to pick this one up.

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Could a fart really save the world?

The Adventures of Stinkerboy chronicles the flatulence-filled journey of a kid with unique superpowers as he hones his abilities and, ultimately, uses them to save the planet from total destruction.

About the author

Justen Hong, the author and illustrator of Stinkerboy is a writer, artist, designer, and owner of Visual Lure – a branding and design firm based in the St. Louis, Missouri area. He has the maturity level of a child, and to this day, he thinks anything fart and poop related is hilarious. view profile

Published on March 26, 2020

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