The Adventures of Bentley Hippo


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Bentley the hippo is on a mission to change the world! He is a deep green hippo with a deep passion to stop bullying.

A very kind and interesting hippo teaches children how to be a friend!

Bentley the hippo and his playmates are going on a school trip, when Bentley realizes that his friend Tubby the elephant is missing. Though he is worried, he follows the teachers instructions to go on the bus. At the park, they play and have fun, but when they hear a voice from behind the bushes in the forest calling to them, they realized it is Tubby the elephant. Bentley the hippo tells him how happy he is that he came. This makes Tubby happy too and he shares how he was bullied before his arrival. Now he can't even find his glasses. This encourages the group of friends to join him in looking for his glasses.

Bentley is the kindest hippo you will ever meet. His care and love for his friends are easy to follow and Bentley does an excellent job of modelling socially acceptable behaviour. My favourite thing about Bentley is his deep green colour. This makes Bentley easy to spot and easy to love. The drawings are realistic and fun, so the story is easy to understand!

The storyline takes up 17 pages and will keep the attention of small children. It's also a perfect bedtime story, because the characters on the bus fall asleep at the end of the book.

Another beautiful thing about this picture book is that the author combines the characters of small children with small animals, which makes the story fun and interesting. The story is an easy read for children who are learning to read, celebrating them with easy to pronounce words, and challenging them with more difficult words like "intimidate".

I would encourage any parent, with a new reader, to pick this book up at their local bookstore or at the local public library.

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Bentley has a dream. A Big Dream of going to the moon. Along this journey his mission is to inspire children to do better, be kinder, to respect and accept each other regardless of size, color, shape, gender or religion. In the first of the Inspiring Children 5-book series, he runs into a silly monkey that thinks throwing bananas is the way to share. This bubbly hippo keeps children engaged and peaks their curiosity as to what will happen next. Lessons such as caring, sharing, kindness and gratitude are the focus, and who better to grow and learn with, than Bentley The Second of 5 in the series, Bentley fears the worst when his friend Tubby doesn't show up to school. Finding him, Bentley has to address Bullying and an act of kindness.

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Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She struggled with bullying and discrimination from a young age. The result had a huge impact on her. Now 40 yrs later she witnesses the same behaviours in young children. She decided to create Bentley. Her writing is from first hand experiences view profile

Published on February 07, 2020

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