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Terriers in the Jungle: A Novel


Loved it! 😍

A thoroughly enjoyable novel centered on animals and wildlife in which dogs and elephants steal the limelight!

“I’m a small dog, and I used to live in a gutter.” This endearing first line by Romeo, one narrator, captures your heart right at the beginning of Terriers in the Jungle: A Novel by Georja Umano. He was lame due to injury at one point, but even after recovering, had a limp all his life. My heart went out to him because he personifies the homeless and helpless who are still grateful for life’s blessings. He personifies the rare few in life who are content in their circumstances. Who wouldn't be touched by such a humble creature whose life teaches us what we humans need to do to live happily?

The story has the wildlife and outdoors of Africa at its heart, with elephants stealing the limelight. Kate, Romeo’s owner, and ‘Mom,’ is a passionate wildlife conservationist based in California. She travels to Africa on a two-year trip along with her father to study more about African wildlife. Romeo and his girlfriend Roxie accompany them. The story mainly narrates significant happenings of that trip as seen through the eyes of Romeo and Roxie.

Without a doubt, the story is superb. It’s amazingly absorbing! What I liked most is that it reminds us to treat the animals (and non-human life) that co-habit the earth with us with love, understanding, and respect, particularly doing our bit to seriously tackle and stamp down cruelty against them. Thoughts flow smoothly and the writing is so clear that I found it hard to put the book down when I had to take breaks. The book is practically error-free, and the interspersed humor and occasional narratives of dangerous events add to its appeal. Forests form a green and spooky background and every time a forest-related narrative shifts course, your heart begins to beat fast: In your mind, you ask, “Is there something scary coming up around the corner?” Putting it all together, this is one excellent book, very interesting, and well-worth reading!

That said, I’d like to add a note of caution for hardcore wildlife conservationists: please remember that this is a novel that merely has a conservationist at its center. Consequently, whatever details regarding wildlife you find in it are purely incidental, but not primary. So don’t expect in-depth details about wildlife, like how seriously committed to wildlife conservation the African Gov is, critical shortcomings in conservation activities/plans, and so on.

The right audience for this book is lovers of nature, animals, and wildlife all across the globe. Those employed in forestry, forest care, wildlife conservation, animal care/welfare, and animal rights will also enjoy it. It’ll be a pleasure to read for casual readers. It’ll also be a splendid book for English-educated children everywhere, as children, by very nature, are die-hard fans and lovers of animals, forests, and wildlife.

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Georja Umano is a vegan animal activist who has worked with animals and animal causes in the US, Italy and Kenya, especially in the fields of elephant and wildlife conservation and canine companions. Co-hosted with her dog, she created the YouTube series, “The Georja and Marcello Show.” view profile

Published on February 02, 2022

Published by Atmosphere Press

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