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Ten Years Gone In Ten Minutes: Critical Red Flags That Led To Being Alone At The Altar



Ten Years Gone in Ten Minutes, chronicles a ten year relationship of a Brooklyn couple. This story begins in church, and unfortunately does not end at an altar. This story shows how a sweet relationship can turn sour within minutes. Readers will experience critical red flags that were missed throughout the ten year relationship, that led to being left in a hotel room. If these red flags would have been taken into consideration, maybe things would have taken a different turn. She thought she had a fairytale relationship, but little did she know what would lie ahead.

Runaway Groom

Jessica seemed hesitant and frantic at the same time as she be-

 gan to speak. “Sasha, I'm on the phone with my brother right

 now. He's saying he called to get the venue’s address cause

 he's on his way with my mother and the Maitre d’ said there's

 no, he said there's no wedding scheduled for today so I don't

 know what's going on, but you need to get on that phone and

 call the venue right now.

 Everybody was in complete silence as Sasha’s face turned

 ashen. “What are you talking about? Maybe your brother's at

 the wrong venue. Just a minute ago, she was calm and relaxed.

 ”Jessica, tell your brother this too. He's probably at the wrong

 location. There's two different locations in Long Island that

 have the same name. Maybe he's at the other one, the one on

 Boulder Avenue so find out if he's at the right one.

 Jessica turned to her friend. “Sasha. He isn't at the one on

 Boulder Avenue. He is on his way to the right one. You need

 to get on the phone and talk to these people right now ‘cause

 my brother is on the phone with them and they're saying they

 have no idea what he's talking about. There's no wedding to-

 day and they don't even know why he's calling to get the ad-

 dress to, to come anywhere.”


 “What?!” Sasha jumps up out, the chair, grabs her phone, and

 exits the room while everybody looks on in horrified silence.

 Just as she is about to call the venue, Dominique calls back.

 “Sasha,” struggling to speak in her calmest voice, “we have a

 huge problem. The Maitre d’ is right next to me and he said I

 cannot set up. Kevin never paid the venue. He never paid any-

 thing. And they're saying, there's no wedding today, Sasha.

 What kind of craziness is going on here? I have all my guys

 here ready to set up. I have the flowers in the truck and I'm

 getting ready to come in and the people are so rude and

 they're telling me they don't know what I'm doing here. No-

 body's having a wedding today and there's a whole bunch of

 people showing up here and they're saying how there's no

 wedding. They're telling all the guests to go home. There’s no

 wedding today.”

 “What are you talking about Miss Dominique? What the heck

 is going on?”

 Sasha cannot find her words anymore. Numb and in shock.

 Not today. Not on her wedding day. Not when she was sup-

 posed to marry the love of her life. It had to be—it was, wasn’t

 it—a bad, bad dream. Yes, that’s it.

 “The Maitre d’s name is Eddie, right?”

It’s not a bad dream. His name really is Eddie.



 “He's telling me that Kevin never paid anything, not a single

 dime. He doesn't know why people and the guests are show-

 ing up to the venue for a wedding. He's turning all the people

 away at the door.

 Now Sasha's phone rings, but she does not answer. It is one of

 her guests. She tries to take charge, or at least pretend to be.

 “Okay Ms. Dominique, let me find out what's going on. Let

 me call Kevin.”

 “You need to call Kevin right now Sasha, because I don't

 know what's going on, but I'm going to stay here and try to

 calm everybody down and I'm trying to tell everybody don't

 go and just to relax.”

 “Don’t worry everything is going to be fine. Kevin is only five

 minutes away.”

 “Okay, I'm trying to tell everybody to relax and just to stay

 and to support you, but I'm here to support you all the way.

 Sasha, you know that, right?”

 All of a sudden Sasha feels very, very calm, almost like she’s

 on automatic pilot. “Yes, I know Ms. Dominique. Thank you

 so much. Thank you very, very much.”

 In the meantime, Dominique tries to calm the growing crowd.

 She begins gesturing to them amidst their yells of “What’s go-

 ing on?” and “Hey, I’m supposed to be here, you can’t throw


 me out!” and “People, you are going to have to exit the build-

 ing” and “Mom, stop making a scene!” As Sasha frantically

 calls Kevin’s cell phone number, the girls come outside. Jes-

 sica, Rebecca and Martha race down the hallway towards her.

 “What's going on, what's going on, what's happening, what's

 happening? Are you okay, Sasha? What's going on? What is

 going on?” Sasha’s mother follows, trying to follow every-


 Sasha waves them all away as she finally reaches Kevin.

 “Hello? Hey Babe.”

 “What's up Kevin? Where are you? Why do I have people

 calling me? Telling me that there is no wedding. They're tell-

 ing me that there was no wedding scheduled for today. You

 never paid the venue? Never paid anything? What the hell is

 going on here? They're saying how Dominique is trying to set

 up and they're telling her she can't set up because you didn't


 “Yeah, yeah. Mrs. Dominique said she would pay it today so

 I'm just gonna reimburse her. Sorry, I didn't want to make you

 panic Babe, but I have the money. I have the money and I'm

 going to give them the...”

 Sasha broke in. “Why didn't you tell me you didn't pay them?

 I thought you said you paid them yesterday. Yesterday. I


 thought you told them you paid them on Saturday. You know

 they gave us until Saturday to pay them. I thought you paid


 Kevin continues to explain. “No. The guy was telling me, you

 know, that I could give him the money today and stuff like


 “But this is a wedding. What are you talking about? They just

 saying that they're turning all the guests away. They're telling

 the guests to go away. There's no wedding. What is going on?

 What is happening? Are we getting married today? Is there a

 wedding today?”

 “Yes, of course, Babe,” says Kevin, “of course, there's a wed-

 ding scheduled for today. We're getting married. We are get-

 ting married today. What are you talking about? Just calm

 down. I'll call you back.”

 Silence again as Rebecca storms down the hallway. “Sasha,

 what is going on? What is happening?”

 “I don't know,” says Sasha the desperation rising in her voice.

 “People are blowing up my phone. They're telling me that

 they're telling them there's no wedding today. The, the

 venue’s turning them away and they’re saying they don't

 know why people are showing up here. Oh my God. This is

 like a nightmare. This cannot be happening, right?”


 Martha decides that she must take charge. “Okay, everybody

 just calm down, we'll figure it out. It's not a big deal. Let's just

 try and figure out what's happening. Let's give her some space.

 Let her breathe. It's just a lot right now. It's just a lot going on.

 Here, let me call Kevin and figure out what's going on.”

 Martha calls Kevin and he says the same thing he just said to

 Sasha. “So I just spoke to him and he said he's on his way. So

 what's the issue? Everybody stay calm, we'll figure everything

 out,” she reassures the group as if this were all a simple misun-


 Meanwhile, Sasha's mom is just in a corner of the room, in

 complete silence and utter shock. The groomsmen decide to

 head over to the venue as Martha offers to pick Kevin up or

 even pay the balance.

 “Kevin?” Sasha calls again. “Where are you exactly?” “Just still waiting here for the Uber.”

“Okay, Martha’s on her way to pick you up.”

“Kevin, pleeease call me back and let me know what's going

  Kevin hesitates. “Oh no, that’s okay, here’s the Uber right

 now. Don’t worry, I got the money and I’m on my way to the




 “Yeah, don't worry about it. Don't worry. I got the money, I

 got the money. We have a wedding, we're getting married to-

 day and I'm going straight to the venue.”

 “Oh Kevin, come grab this stuff first. Once you get to the

 venue, you need to stay put.”

 “Don’t worry, reassured Kevin. You want me to resolve this,

 right? This is more important. Let me go straight to the venue.

 I’ll just have one of the guys come back for the stuff.”

 Okay, thinks Sasha to herself, everything will be fine. Every-

 thing. Will. Be. Fine. She goes back to the room and looks at


 “Is everything all right Sasha?” chirps Jessica.

 “Yeah, everything's fine, don't worry.” Sasha does a very bad

 job of hiding her distress as the entire room trains their eyes

 on her, wondering what’s really going on, all the while trying

 to save face and make sure no one else panics.

 There's no way Kevin could ever do something like this to me,

 Sasha thinks. She makes a quick calculation and figures she

 can pay until after the wedding when everything will be fine.

 Everything is going to be okay, she keeps telling herself, eve-

 rything's going to be okay.


 As Sasha continues to calm herself, Jessica rushed back into

 the room. “Sasha, you need to call Kevin right now. Because

 my mother and my brother, they just got to the venue and

 everybody's in panic mode and they're telling them that

 there's no wedding today. No one's getting married at the

 venue today. How Kevin didn't make any payments and he's

 still not there. And the Maitre d’ told him that he doesn't even

 need to bother coming because he missed the deadlines to

 make the payment.”

 “What?!” said Sasha. And at that very moment, Sasha’s god-

 mother walks in and Kevin’s mom’s face turns as ashen as


 Yet, she persisted. Sasha makes one more phone call to Eddie,

 the Maitre d’.

 “Eddie, can you tell me exactly what's going on? Because you

 know, I have like guests coming. I'm at the hotel with my

 bridesmaids. My groomsmen are on their way and I'm getting

 phone calls left and right. Telling me that Kevin never made a

 payment and you know, what's going, what's going on?”

 Next, Sasha's hears the shock of her life. She almost regrets

 putting him on speaker so the entire group can hear. She will

 never, as long as she lives, forget those words as he decides to

 put the manager on the phone to speak to her instead.


 “Sasha, your fiancé is a liar.” Liar.

There's no wedding.

 “He is a liar. He never gave me a single red cent for the venue.

 I don't even know why the people are showing up here.

 There's no wedding.”

 He repeated: “There's no wedding. There's guests, you know,

 they're so dressed up and I hate to turn them around, but I

 have to let them know that there's no wedding. It's pure chaos

 here, a complete mess. I don't know what's happening, but

 Kevin didn't give not one single red cent. I did speak to him. I

 told him if he doesn't have the money here by 3:00 p.m. sharp,

 then the wedding is canceled.”

 Then, he tried to reassure her. “Now we can come up with

 some sort of a wedding for you, if he can get the money here,

 but I'm giving him 30 minutes. He needs to get here by 2:30,

 3:00 at the latest. If he doesn't, I'm sorry, but the wedding is

 canceled. I’ve told him this already. This is a mess. We've

 never had this happen before.”

 Oh my God. Sasha begins to panic and her bridesmaids sur-

 round her, in complete shock, not believing what they’re



 “Kevin? Kevin?” Sasha dials the phone one last time. “I'm on the phone with uh, the manager right now.”

 He then cuts off Sasha, who listens in on the phone; Kevin has

 put the manager on speaker. Sasha hears: “Yes. Hi Kevin. So

 you need to tell your fiancé what kind of liar you are. I'm giv-

 ing you to 2:30 and then I'm walking out of here. You have

 guests showing up. You have people showing up here and I

 have to tell them there's no wedding today. Are you on your

 way? What's going on? You have the florist outside. She can't

 set up. She can't do anything cause no one's touching my ta-

 bles unless you come and make those payments. Do you un-

 derstand what I'm saying? You have to tell your guys...let your

 fianceé, your bride know that you are a liar. You never gave

 me not one red cent for the venue. And you have people

 showing up here to this venue.”

 Kevin: silence. Then: “I'm on my way. I'm coming.”

 “Okay,” said the manager, “I’m walking out of here at 3:00


 “Thank you so much, I really appreciate it,” says Sasha. But

 then Kevin hangs up without a single word.

 Sasha drags herself back to the suite. There's no way I’m get-

 ting married today. As Kevin's mom comes down the hallway,


 Sasha chokes up, the tears so stubborn they refuse to come

 out, the heart so numb she speaks with no emotion.

 “Kevin never paid the venue,” she tells her mother-in-law

 with a cold and bitter laugh. “They’re turning people away,

 saying there’s no wedding.”

 Kevin’s mother lets out a loud howl. “Calm down, Mommy,

 calm down,” says Rebecca, “don’t worry, we’re going to figure

 it out. “Somebody get her some water.”

 Sasha starts pacing the room, walking back and forth. Next to

 speak is Jessica; she has just called Kevin.

 “Sasha, Sasha, I'm on the phone with Kevin right now. “Oh

 my God, girl. I am so sorry Sasha. I am so, so sorry, but my

 cousin is fucked up. He is so fucked up, Sasha. He's just, he's

 asking me to borrow money and he wants me to go to the

 bank, borrow money and go make the payment for the venue

 right now.”

 “Why? He told me he had the money on him.”

 “Oh my God. I cannot believe this. You know what? What a

 disaster. I cannot believe this. He's asking for the money. I

 told him, I said, Kevin, no I cannot. It’s thousands of dollars.

 Sash, I cannot believe this is happening. This is, this is, crazy.”

 Sasha sits in the suite for an interminable amount of time as


 her bridesmaids swirl around her. She gives Martha her

 phone; it’s ringing about every 30 seconds. “I can’t. I can’t talk

 to anybody right now.” All the while Jessica and the other

 bridesmaids who know Kevin are talking: “Tell him the banks

 are closed.” “Tell him you can’t borrow anything because of

 your credit.” I’m not paying for shit.” “He expects me to pay?”

 “What the hell?”

 Sasha’s mother cries in disbelief.

 “I’ma go down there,” says Ricky. “Let me go down to the


 Jeffrey comes back. “Jeffrey,” says cousin Jessica, “your brother

 is fucked up.” Jeffrey is clueless. “What do you mean? What’s

 happening? Where’s Kevin?”

 “Somebody went to get him, but there’s no wedding Jeffrey,”

 Jessica says just after Ricky leaves for the venue. “Rebecca, call

 your dad.” Rebecca's father was the bishop who was supposed

 to marry them. I've got to call Peter too. I've gotta go. I gotta

 call Rebecca's brother Peter. Sasha was in complete silence.

 What's going on? Well, Kevin never paid the venue. He never

 paid anything. What? Sasha's godmother started yelling and

 crying out anger, sadness and disbelief.

 “Oh, Jesus! Oh Jesus!” Sasha’s godmother joins the chorus of

 shocked wedding participants. “Oh, Sidney. Oh, Gesse. Oh my


 God. Oh my God. No, no, no. I told you. I told you. I told

 you,” she said, I told you he was no good!” as she cries and

 flails her arms uncontrollably.

 Sasha sits in the chair. Blank. Unblinking. Unfeeling.

 Even bubbly Martha is still going. “Let’s just figure it out, we’ll

 figure it out.”

 “What’s there to figure out?” says Jessica. “He never paid any-

 thing. He is a liar. He just asked me for the money. That

 means he doesn’t have any money, never did, never was going

 to make a single payment.”

 Now Sasha’s mother joins the fray, echoing her godmother’s

 statements: “I told you not to marry him.” Then, looking

 around the room: “Can you believe she stopped talking to me

 for a whole year because of him? Because she loved him so

 much. She stopped talking to me because of him and look

 what it did to her. Look what he did to her. I knew he was no

 good. I knew he was no good. I knew he was no good!”

 “Okay,” said Martha, now more measured. “But there has to

 be a logical reason. There has too. There has to be a reason

 why he's doing this. Maybe he's nervous. Maybe he forgot to

 make the payment. Just give him a chance. You need to call

 him and talk to him and figure out what's going on. Maybe

 he's just nervous.”


 “You know what?” said Ingrid, one of the bridesmaids. “I also

 believe maybe he got nervous, I mean, you know how Kevin

 is, if anything, just talk to him, maybe he’s nervous or not

 ready, you guys will be married, don’t worry.”

 “I don't even know why you're here,” chimed Sasha’s God-

 mother. Do you even know what you're saying, don't you see

 what he did to her? He supposed to marry her. Broke is no ex-

 cuse. Nervous is no excuse. Are you stupid? Are you stupid?”

 “Well, it’s not like Sasha was so innocent,” says Ingrid, “you

 don’t know what they’ve been through, you were not there, I

 know what they been through,” in her best conspiratorial

 voice. There's a lot of things that you don't know about, okay?

 I'm not saying that she has to marry him today, I mean, you

 know, today's bad and everything like that. But you know,

 maybe he just didn't have the money. They could get married

 another day.”

 “Are you crazy? Sasha’s godmother says. “She's not marrying

 him, today or any other day. Are you crazy? You don't see

 what he did to her!”

 “Stop!” Sasha's booming voice drowns out everybody. “It's just

 too much. It's too much going on. It's just too much!” The en-

 tire room collapses in tears. Ingrid leaves and enters the bath-

 room, sobbing uncontrollably and Sasha and Vanessa follows

 behind her to calm her down. “Your godmother is soo mean,


 why does she have to talk like that to me, she doesn’t even

 understand, says Ingrid. “I’m sooo sorry Ingrid, don’t worry

 about her, she’s just upset, it’s just too much, I’m really sorry,

 never mind what she said,” as Sasha tried to reassure her

 friend and stop her from crying. “Don’t worry about her, stop

 crying, Ingrid,” said Vanessa.

 Rrrrring, rrrrring. Martha answers Sasha’s phone. “Now what

 happened? Rebecca asks.

 “Guys, Martha explains, “Katisha just got into a car accident

 and she's in the hospital. The boys are on their way to her

 right now. We have to go too.”

 Could the day get any worse?

 “I'm so sorry Sasha,” Taya says as she packs up her bag. “I'm so

 sorry. Is there anything you want me to do?”

 “Go ahead Taya,” Sasha answered glumly. “There's nothing

 more to do here. I'm really, really, really sorry for wasting

 your time.”

 As Sasha sits down in the makeup chair and everybody's try-

 ing to gather their things, Claudia comes in and knocks on the

 door. “Hi guys, wha’ts going on?” Sasha just looks and shakes

 her head as Ingrid tells her, “Claudia, Claudia, there is no

 wedding today.”


 “What the hell do you mean there's no wedding today?” said

 Claudia. What is going on?” And Ingrid explains the whole

 sordid story. Claudia just storms away angry as she calls her

 husband on the phone. “You're never going to believe this...”

 and her voice trails off.

 “Okay guys,” Rebecca says, figuring someone has to take

 charge, “let's just, let's just go grab our stuff and just put every-

 thing in the car. Let's just help Sash get through this.

 Ricky comes back to the hotel. “Um, what do you want me to

 do, Sasha? Is there anything I could do for you?”

 Jessica announces, “I'm going to the venue and talk to my

 mother and brother. Martha grabbed Sasha by the shoulders.

 “Are you okay? Can I talk to you?”

 “Yeah, I'm fine with that. I'm just numb. I feel like I'm in a

 nightmare and that I'm going to wake up any minute. Rebecca

 is hugging her around the waist: “I'm so sorry, Sash. I'm so

 sorry. Honestly, this is crazy. I never thought Kevin would do

 something like this. He loves you so much. You know, maybe

 you should just call him and make sure he's not out there

 somewhere, and he doesn't want to kill himself or something

 like that, you know, cause I know he's probably so upset right

 now, but let me try to find out where he is because every-

 body's calling him and nobody can reach him.”


 “Don't do it in front of your mom,” warns Martha. “Don't let

 her know that you’re calling him.” “Sasha,” continues Re-

 becca, “I know this is very, very hard for you and you don't

 want to talk. He's the last person you want to speak with. But

 Sasha, it’s going to be worse if something was to happen to

 him. Imagine Sasha, if something happens to him or if he

 takes his life. You're going to feel much worse than we all do

 now. All you need to do is call him. He'll answer your call. He

 won't answer me. He won't answer anybody, but he will an-

 swer you. Just do it. Sash, please just pretend. Just pretend that

 you're not upset. Tell him how much you love him just to find

 out where he is so the boys could go get him.”

 Sasha obeys meekly. She calls Kevin and in the sweetest voice

 possible tells him how much she loves him and where he is

 and he says that he's fine and how he's sorry and that he loves

 her. He says that he's with his best man right now.

 “Okay, goodbye.” Sasha hangs up the phone and glares at Re-

 becca. “Are you happy? He's fine. He's with Umut right now

 at a bar. Martha tries to reassure her, as she always does: “Eve-

 rything happens for a reason and God is good. Honey, you

 weren’t supposed to marry him and that's it. Who knows what

 would happen if you were to marry him? It just wasn't sup-

 posed to be. And I'm here if you ever, ever need anything at

 all, I'm here for you. Just know that God is good and you

 know, take care of yourself and don’t worry about it. You are

 not supposed to marry him, honey. That's right. He was not


 the one because if it was meant to be, if you guys were sup-

 posed to get married today, you guys would have gotten mar-

 ried today. Okay, I love you sis.”

 “We love you,” Sasha’s girls chime in along with her mother.

 Sasha’s mom adds, “Look at your family. Look at your friends.

 Everybody is here with you, you know?”

 “Yeah. All right guys. Let's just pack our stuff and go,” Sasha

 says, and she walks out with them feeling like she’s in her

 own horror movie, in a daze. She cannot imagine her life. She

 walks downstairs in a trance and she hugs everybody: Ingrid,

 Jessica, mom and mother-in-law (almost), godmother (hers

 and Kevin’s), Martha, Rebecca. Kevin's godmother—she had

 met Sasha when she was a little girl—took her outside. “This

 card is for you. I was going to give it to the two of you, but

 now it’s yours and yours alone.” She continued, “You'll always

 be my baby girl. I remember the first time you came to my

 house years ago. You know I love you so much. And remem-

 ber I'm your godmother too. You could always call me. You

 know I'm here for you. I cannot believe Kevin. He has shamed

 the family. Just don't feel bad, don't feel bad. But know that

 you are loved. We love you, and we're here for you and, and

 that's it. Okay. Keep your head up. You're so beautiful. Just re-

 member that you can have any guy you want. Don’t cry after

 the one who is not for you, okay? He was not for you. And

 you can come to my house anytime. We love you.”


 “Yeah, we love you Sasha,” says Jessica. Kevin's mom contin-

 ued sobbing as she made her way to the car. Pretty much

 everyone had decided they were going to the hospital to

 check on Katisha.

 “Sasha, you're not driving,” said her mom. “No way. I’ll drive

 you home.”

 “No, no, no mom,” replied Sasha, “ we have to go to the hospi-

 tal, okay?”

 Just before they were about to take off, her friend Janet from

 high school and other great friend Kwasi walked into the ho-

 tel lobby. “We just had to come,” she said, “to see if you were


 “Sasha, we got your back,” said Janet. “We love you so much!

 Keep your head up and don't worry about anything. Listen,

 today is still yours and you can do anything you want. We're

 going to enjoy our day. Let's go out to eat. Hey, better yet, let's

 get some drinks ’cause I know you could use a drink. I also

 spoke to Karen, Berlin and Monica and they are down too,

 they said whatever you want to do.” The group agreed.

 “Okay. Um, yeah guys. Yes, sure. Whatever. Yes, I would,

 come on, please let’s just go.”

 “Our treat,” said Rebecca. “Everybody's like, you know what?

 Let's take you out. Let's go out to eat. Cause you know at the


 end of day we're all hungry. You still hungry? You got to eat

 right? You got to eat. So let's all go out to eat together. Okay?

 When they all got to the hospital, 10 minutes later, the guys

 all hugged Sasha first. Kenny and Peter had already arrived.

 “Katisha’s in ER,” explained Kenny, “but she’s okay. She has a

 neck brace, but she's in a lot of pain. She doesn't look good

 guys. And her car and the other car are both totaled. But you

 guys could go see her. She's in room nine.”

 The crew makes its way down to Katisha and take turns

 speaking to her, shocked but happy that she's alive. And [in-

 audible] her mom was just crying, crying, crying in the cor-


 “I'm so sorry Sasha. I'm so sorry,” Katisha kept saying over and

 over again.

 “You're sorry!” Sasha was dumbfounded at her graciousness.

 “Oh my God, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I wish you

 had never gone to get him. He's such a liar. I'm so sorry this

 happened to you. I can't believe this.”

 The girls say their goodbyes to Katisha and make their way to

 the restaurant while the guys decide to go back to Brooklyn

 and try to locate Kevin. Sasha and Rebecca drove together in

 complete silence. When they walked into the restaurant,

 Sasha looked at her friends, dressed to the nines, smiling at


 her, pitying her, and with tears in her eyes spoke. “I'm so

 sorry. You guys wasted your time. You guys all look so beauti-



 “No, are you kidding me?” said Karen. We're here for you

 Sasha. “Don’t worry,” said Monica. “Yes, come on,” said Ber-

 “I wish you could have seen my dress,” Sasha said, tearing up

 again. “But it’s okay. Let's just eat. Let's talk and let's, let's just

 have a good time. Okay?”

 As Sasha looked around the table, she saw all the people who

 loved her and were there for her and she couldn't believe the

 madness of the day. Ten minutes later, she would not be able

 to believe that the madness was not ever over yet.

 Should I tell her? thinks Rebecca to herself as a call came

 through her cell phone. “Hey, Sasha,” Rebecca says reluc-

 tantly, “it’s Kevin and he wants to talk to you.”

 “No.” Sasha was resolute. “I don’t want to talk to him ever


 “I’m sure he wants to apologize, explain what happened.”

 “I’m good,” Sasha said, folding her arms.

 Finally the dinner and drinks wound down and Rebecca de-

 posited Sasha back at the family home. Everyone was asleep,


 but the sadness and anger lingered in the atmosphere. Sasha

 could feel it.

 She walked slowly up the stairs to her room and looked in the

 mirror at her beautiful face. This is the face that didn't get

 married today, she thought. She took a mirror selfie so she

 could remember this day and what she looked like, and she

 vowed to be ten times more beautiful than today when she re-

 ally found the man of her dreams. As she lay down and pulled

 the covers over her head and turned off the light, she imag-

 ined that this was all a nightmare and when she woke up, it

 would actually be her wedding day. She imagined that it was

 all just a dream.

 But she knew it wasn’t. No wedding. No Kevin. No honey-

 moon tomorrow.

 And she fell into a fitful sleep, separated from the world.

About the author

Sasha Aristide is an American author born and raised in NY. She knew she would become an author, but never expected her first novel to be based on true life events! Her main reason for writing is to help others through her own life experiences, so others wouldn't make the same mistakes. view profile

Published on February 28, 2020

Published by University of Moguls

60000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Sex & Relationships