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A comprehensive book that can help parents in understanding and guiding their children as they navigate the powerful world of technology.

TECH-OLOGY written by Angie Rumaldo attempts to answer the most important questions parents have regarding the effects of technology on the growth and wellbeing of their children. Coming from a mother and a psychologist, Rumaldo speaks both from her field of expertise and personal experience. Here is a book that is packed with knowledge and wisdom, a guide that can teach the reader who seeks to know more about the technology we have today.

Though there are countless articles and references we can find for ourselves on the internet, this book can save the reader much time. There is no need to search and gather the information yourself. The author has already done that tedious and time-consuming job for you. She has collected the information you need and arranged it in a way that is easy to read and understand.

This book follows a very practical outline that starts with the problem or area of the parent’s concern and presents various sections that attempt to deal with the issue presented. There are areas giving the reader the parent’s perspective. There are also sections that present the child’s perspective on the problem. Presenting it this way, the author gives the reader a balanced look at the problem and allows one to form an informed decision based on the said information.

The book also clearly states that although there are various studies involved on the effects of technology on children, there are at times conflicting results. These conflicting results can confuse the reader but they can also help one to assess both the possible advantages and disadvantages of a certain aspect of technology.

What I liked about the book is that after every issue or problem, the author gives her professional recommendations that can guide the reader. These can help them make decisions and strategic plans after reading about different studies involved.

I highly recommend this book to parents and other adults tasked with guiding younger ones under their care. There are questions that can help the reader to better grasp the issue. There are also suggested tools that can help them in their responsibility of monitoring and guiding their children. This is a book that can help the reader appreciate the advantages of technology and at the same time, inform them of the possible negative consequences of relying too much on it especially if done without proper guidance that can only come from the wisdom of parents and concerned adults.

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Problem: What Is the Appropriate Screen Time?

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Angie Rumaldo is a licensed clinical psychologist and advanced practice psychiatric nurse on a mission to help adults and teens live a digitally secure life. view profile

Published on March 16, 2021

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