Tears in the Flag


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A stunning account of the immigrant experience. Hard hitting and completely relevant to current social/political issues.

Absolutely hard hitting as I, along with millions of families with immigrants can relate. The frustrations, journey and emotional turmoil is unfortunately not unique but eloquently told. Should you need a reference or are open to a walk in the shoes of the American immigration system, this account it extremely accurate to the anxiety, hardships and paths taken by those involved. I did not expect to become so emotional during this reading and feel represented as I have been a petitioner. This story screams of the change that is necessary and debunks misunderstandings of the "smooth & clear process" assumed by many of the American Justice system.

Though the book was fairly short, it may well have been just a bit shorter and it may have been slightly more effective. The author walks us through so many important moments in their life. Many events which do not seem relevant all trickle back to the sacrifices made in order to secure freedom. The middle of the book was a little slow for me, but that is just a matter of taste, as I preferred the beginning and end. The author provides us with moments of epiphany which help to answer the question " was is all worth it?" This text may well be a use-full recourse in the history/sociology classroom.

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I am a new Author having just finished my first book, "Tears in the Flag." It is a book on the immigration system in America. The book is a true story following the experiences of immigrants. view profile

Published on September 01, 2020

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