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Teal Trust Transparency


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A systematic practical guide for persons who are looking for new and modern ways to develop the human side of the organization.

I am passionate about maximizing the potential of the people I work with, so I was really excited about reading and reviewing this book. In Teal Trust Transparency, Alicia and Rolf Medina present years of research to help organizations unleash the full potential of their human resources. The authors draw our attention to new and exciting ways to organize and lead that will benefit both the organization and the people.


There are four main sections in Teal Trust Transparency. Section one is the introduction, section two is setting the scene, section three covers the DP Model, and section four discusses the way forward. Each of these sections are equally important and kind of feed off each other. Alicia and Rold Medina includes resources that the reader will find useful. Some of those resources include sources and literature, links, index of organizations, index of people and concepts, and about the authors. The information about the authors will show how qualified they are to be giving the advice they provide in Teal Trust Transparency.


Teal Trust Transparency is all about the human side of organizations. Too often there is not enough focus on this very important side of the organization. It is obvious that the authors have done their homework, and this has resulted in information that can revolutionize the way we deal with people in organizations. People are the backbone of organizations, so it is time to start talking more about how to maximize their potential. This book has given us a reason to start the conversation about the human side of organizations.


I love the fact that the authors combined their research with cases and stories from different organizations. Sharing anecdotes and examples from people who are already using teal also lends credibility to Teal Trust Transparency.


If you are looking to take your organization towards a more human centered direction, then please read Teal Trust Transparency. Whether you are a student, manager, politician, or employee you can benefit from reading this book. This might be a new approach for many persons, but it is the right approach to maximize the potential of your staff. Teal Trust Transparency will get you the information you need to move to the next level.

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Published on May 13, 2023

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