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Tao of Your Game


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A personal manifesto of self-exploration which outlines methods for setting and achieving goals, and finding balance in one’s life.

 Tao of your Game by Bozhana Ivanova is a manifesto of self-exploration.

The book is a first-person narrative of the author’s personal methods and outlook on life, collected and revised from a mix of influences including Taoist principles, generational stories, and surprisingly, Agile methodology. There are two sections — the Mindset section which is the why and how behind choosing and setting up a goal, and instilling values and discipline to work towards the goal; and then the Performance section which details how to implement and act towards the goal. 

While some of the methods are cookie-cutter tips on personal growth, the book reads fresh with new takeaways. I found the sections on Cycles of Activation and Transference of Energy were illuminating and gave me something to think about. The book is dotted with helpful illustrations and exercises to pause and reflect on the questions in the reader’s own life. 

There is a slight disconnect in the approach in the two sections of the book, with a sudden jump into Agile methodologies. Perhaps with a more thorough attempt at the exercises or a re-read, the book may read cohesively. 

The book doesn’t go into a spiritual approach or superficial positivity that books on self-improvement tend to push. Tao of your Game simply enunciates practical, implementable ways to train your thoughts and actions into building a meaningful life, relationships, and interests.

The first person voice and straightforward language, often seems hypnotic, as if the “I” is an embodiment of my own conscience and not just the author’s narrative, which I found rather calming. 

There is massive value in reading and implementing this book. As the author mentions, this book is for someone willing to put in the work to effect changes in their lives and creating new methods with this framework, and to find their own way. 

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Tao of Your Game

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Published on September 29, 2020

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