Tales from Ara 1: Into the Unknown


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Worth reading 😎

Mildly entertaining, but cheesy and sometimes oddly written. Feels like it's a satire, but takes itself too seriously for that.

The synopsis of "Tales from Ara: Into the Unknown" promises a fun-filled fantasy tale. However, it does not quite meet that expectation. It is not a total flop of a story, though. It just really could use some more polishing and tweaking.

The novel itself is decently entertaining. From giant praying mantises, to giants, talking hens, and elves, "Tales from Ara" has a wide cast of characters. The situations those characters find themselves in are funny, though it is frustrating how they ended up in those situations sometimes (perhaps making them funnier).

None of the characters are particularly likable. A handful are detestable, but that just seems to be their purpose in the story. Overall, though, not a single character really has any depth to them. Harlette, being the protagonist, ought to be somewhat likable. I want to root for her as the heroine of the story, but she is just a poor, screaming, human in a new world with no real redeeming qualities. As for Yuka, Harlette's sister, her singular personality trait is laziness. She cannot even be bothered to finish a conversation she has started because of her overwhelming laziness.

Also, early on in the novel, some of the descriptions and choice of words used are very odd. They are not natural phrases every day people would use, and feel awkward to read. However, as the story progresses those odd descriptions no longer appear. It is almost as if the second half of the novel was thoroughly proofread, and the first part was skipped over.

While the novel has its problems, it is still a somewhat entertaining read. It is good for those days where you cannot decide what to read, and just want something quick for amusement. I hope the other novels in the series only improve from here as the premise is quite intriguing.

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