Tales From an Odd Mind


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A book of moments: sad, dark, funny, warm, bright, solitary, shared, magical, mundane. Each is different, each remarkable, each precious.

Tales from an Odd Mind claims to be a book of first chapters, interconnected scenes, and poetry. And it is that.

It is also a book of moments. Sad moments, dark moments, funny, warm, bright, solitary, shared, magical, mundane moments. Each is different, each remarkable, each precious. Even those meant to be continued stand on their own, some prose, some poetry, some long, some short, all treasures made of words and feelings, lives and personalities, images and voices and destinies.

Each of those first chapters is the beginning of a story but also a story unto itself. It reminds the reader that stories are what each of us makes of them, that the same story can be many things to many people or even many things to one person. That in our rush to interpret and conquer and to be "right" we often forget to be and sit with and immerse and enjoy and feel.

Many of us have forgotten that time is flexible and that we can meet the same person, figuratively, many times in the same life or, perhaps, once in each of many lifetimes but Rebel's story reminds us. After all, whether or not you believe in reincarnation, we all remake ourselves time and time again and live many lives in the same of one lifetime. Tales from an Odd Mind shows us how to live each of those lives to the fullest since change has a way of sneaking up on us.

Tales from an Odd Mind isn't your regular cover to cover read but there are plenty of those out in the world. As a reader, it's a collection musings and meditations in the form of fiction, which, in my opinion, of which there aren't enough. For writers, it's fuel, fodder, and inspiration rolled into concept and application.

Spend a few hours with Tales from an Odd Mind. You'll come away with some new oddities of your own and your mind will be a more interesting place for them.

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Shiri lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, two smaller humans, and two geriatric, leftover-stealing felines. She has been a registered nurse for fifteen years with writing as a side hustle but is ready to embrace the later as a full time challenge. She will probably die buried under her TBR pile.

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TALES FROM AN ODD MIND has been awarded "Best Short Stories 2020" by Indies Today. Nom D. Plume is very grateful. :) Plume's work has also appeared in Flash Fiction Magazine. Plume writes in a variety of genres, but autobiography isn't one of them. view profile

Published on July 14, 2020

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