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Take Your Shot


Loved it! 😍

Take Your Shot is a refreshing, accessible primer for entrepreneurs who struggle with day-to-day challenges while neglecting their goals.

The book is structured in the form of a coincidental consulting relationship between a golf professional and a business coach. Written almost like a journal, the language is easy to follow and the story is engaging. Even over the short number of pages, the characters are believable and emotive, and the reader is pulled into the lived experience of Russ, the main character, as he faces the challenges of self-directed employment.

The story form of the book was a useful tool to illustrate the business concepts within. While case studies in other books often distract the reader from applying ideas to his or her personal situation, this book pulls off the difficult success through its engaging, honest storytelling and powerful descriptions of Russ’ struggles as he works through David’s process. The storytelling format works, and that makes this book effective.

The length of the book made it a quick read, but I left wanting more. I would have liked to see more of Russ’ internal consideration at the later aspects of the methodology, particularly with the customer journey. The format that worked so well for the product and pricing aspects struggled here, and a bit more length would benefit the reader by demonstrating the concept through Russ’ application.

The same is true at the end of the book. I appreciated the aspirational path that Russ experienced, but I wanted to see how used the lessons he learned from David to get there. This would be an opportunity to reiterate the product, pricing, and value proposition methodology by reviewing the steps and applying them to a new set of challenges with a different scope. It would not take much detail to pull out the threads of where Russ has been, but this addition might add both an effective summary of the process and a bit of length.

Overall, this is a standout example of the genre from a literary perspective, and it teaches a useful model without demanding the reader perform heavy lifting along the way. Anyone setting out in business or struggling with an existing business will find a valuable return in an investment of time and money in Take Your Shot

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Philip Cole is a management consultant, author, and student of leadership. He has pursued leadership excellence across the globe and through every type of organization. He is the author of "Redefining Leadership: A Practitioner's Guide" and a founding member of ReDefine, Inc.


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Published on February 24, 2021

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