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Loved it! 😍

A funny, compassionate, sometimes serious book - would have given it four and a half stars if I could!

The roaring twenties - I imagine - was a frivolous era, and Pinky de Vroom certainly fits into that image. He's a social columnist for the Post, and does nothing much but get drunk, eye up celebrities and...write his break-through novel. Initially I thought this novel was going to be a little too frothy, but I revised my opinion. Sure, the characters do all have very weird names - Unctual, anyone? - but once you get caught up in the plot, this becomes a charming feature. The love story between Pinky and his agent, Elfred, was sweet and believable. The side-plot involving Pinky's best friend the banana-minder brought a serious angle into the book - corporate greed and misbehaviour - and then Pinky himself takes up a seriously righteous cause. It was the mixture of 'heavy' and 'light' in the book that really pulled me in - it transformed the novel from a piece of delightful frothy romance - with no meaning beyond that - to something more meaty.

The use of language was fun and original, though sometimes a little over the top. Maybe just a tiny bit more restraint in verbiage, and just a little bit more tightness of plot, would have made me give the book five stars. But - I enjoyed it a lot.

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I'm an author but I also read a lot. I do especially like to read books by high quality indie authors, because you often get original and unconventional work which wouldn't have been picked up by the major publishers.

Mr. Pinky DeVroom, Oct 1929

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Published on December 14, 2018

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