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A book describing a novel method of controlling Hyperhidrosis (an abnormal condition characterized by excessive sweating), using willpower

According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, on the date of this review Hyperhidrosis (HH) affects about 365 million people globally. That’s around 5% of the world’s population. In the USA, the affected represent about 2.8% of the population. Xavier Fernandes, the author of Sweaty-Reimagine Hyperhidrosis, has been an HH sufferer for over 17 years.

Those affected by HH usually sweat excessively from the palms, armpits, face, neck, back, groin, and feet. Sweating from the palms severely inhibits one’s ability/comfort in performing the essential day-to-day practice of shaking hands. As handshaking is so common and a practically unavoidable social practice, those affected by HH suffer the mental agony that results from the inner struggle of wanting to avoid the next (unnerving!) handshake at all costs, but being unable to do so when the moment arrives. Living in constant fear and tension, they are tormented by many questions: Am I viewed as an unusually nervous person? (This question worries more men than women.) Since I must avoid handshaking, what social activities and/or persons should I plan to avoid in the coming days? Is there any treatment or will I have to live this way till the end? ... And more like these. The inner turmoil takes an emotional toll on sufferers and as time passes, severely destroys the quality of their lives.

The author has done his bit towards unveiling HH before the world very well. Additionally, he mentions a solution to HH he stumbled upon that’s solely based on willpower. According to him, HH occurs when the brain, after issuing the start command to sweat, loses control and fails to issue the stop command. He describes a method by which a sufferer can intervene, take control, and stop HH at will. This is the USP of Sweaty-Reimagine Hyperhidrosis among other books on HH in the marketplace.

Although the book is highly scientific and useful, much of its content is at a high-level, so I found it a rather heavy read. While a student of the life-sciences may master it quickly, others are likely to go wrong at several places. The author will do well if he inserts free videos/tutorials on channels such as YouTube and Vimeo for the benefit of such readers who might get stuck at tough places.

I recommend this book as a general read to all as it seeks to enlighten the public about a relatively little-known health condition. As awareness about HH increases, people will understand, appreciate, and be accommodative of HH sufferers better, thus making their lives easier. I especially recommend it to people with HH, particularly fresh cases. To make them aware/accommodative, it is also a vital read for policy/decision-makers in Government and/or industry/private organizations, HR managers, etc.

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