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Surviving Crazy


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Lots of comedy in small-town Idaho as an unsuspecting band of strangers are forced to tough out the results of a solar storm together

The title of this book says it all. In “Surviving Crazy,” Frank Crimi composes a most unusual post-apocalyptic work that centers less around outright tragedy and more on the hilarity that can ensue when strangers find themselves in a completely unexpected situation and must, well, survive. 

The novel opens with a pair of washed-out minor-league baseball players interacting after a long time apart. One, a scout, is convinced to visit a supposed phenom in rural Idaho, and so he makes his way to this presumably fictional community to take the lay of the land. Little does he know, a quick meal in the local cafe would turn into one of the most harrowing adventures he and those who also happened to be there would ever experience, as a freak solar flare fries all electric circuits and strands everyone inside. 

The book is, as noted, more comedy than true survival story, as their attempts to gather goods and figure out what comes next are complicated by local townsfolk, including the mayor, who have it in for each other and for outsiders. We see the usual melting down of some that one might encounter in times such as these, as well as out-of-the ordinary reactions like that of a “randy dog” and a man who is initially taken to be a bear.

“Surviving Crazy” seems to make satire of modern life and our over-reliance on electrical appliances and the like. And while it does a fair job at this, some of the interactions come across as a bit forced. Also the end just kind of rushes up to meet one in a way that can lead to feelings of disorientation with regards to what actually happened to close out the story. 

Finally, the story reads well mostly, but there are some developmental and line editing issues that could slow one down. These are not so numerous as to completely disrupt the flow though, so while this is not necessarily my type of reading I would recommend it to those who, especially during this era and year that feel apocalyptic, could use a little laugh at the absurdity.

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Published on August 29, 2020

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