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Survival: Evolutionary Rules for Intelligent Species Survival - 14th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards - Finalist


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An informative guide valuable for beginning biology students, and readers interested in learning more about homo sapiens in relation to the universe.

“Survival: Evolutionary Rules for Intelligent Species Survival” by Samuel Layne is full of information and highlights without being ambiguous or overly wordy.  It is a humanistic approach to discovering life on earth and entertains the ideas of lives on other planets as well.  With NASA data, quotes by leading scientists such as Stephen Hawking, and independent study, this book provides a clear guideline of scientific viewpoints. Evolution, adaptation, climate changes, and the ability or lack thereof to grow and learn are all addressed without being preachy and with no political agenda.  The facts are portrayed in a simple straight-forward and smoothly written style.

“From this perspective, one can no longer think of evolution as a detached and disinterested process; instead, it becomes a set of repeating universal processes that create a repeating universal pattern, and in the midst of a universe seemingly consumed by chaotic processes enables order in the form of life and survival over death and extinction.”

NASA photos and conceptual art make this book come alive, as do the graphs and tables that are simple enough for non-scientists to understand.


“For the first time, we were yanked away from the cares of our individual lives to collectively gaze in awe and wonder at the Earth from the perspective of the moon, each of us slowly realizing that we stood somewhere on that rotating surface along with everyone else…”

I recommend this book to home-schoolers, students being introduced to biological studies, and readers who are fascinated by human evolution and adaptation.  As a science-fiction writer, I found the information within this textbook to be valuable to my research as it provided me with a clearer understanding of how homo sapiens and the universe beyond us are interconnected.  The notes were especially helpful for review.

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Author with a non-anthropocentric world-view informed by looking at the world, human history, civilizations and innovations, from an evolutionary perspective; and explores whether our inventions, technologies and innovations are driving our survival or potential extinction as a species ...   view profile

Published on January 31, 2020

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