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Supreemie: Kylo's Journey through the NICU


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Such a heartwarming story, truly an inspirational read to give hope to other NICU parents and families!

Supreemie is an inspirational read written by Nico Avery and Shanel. The story begins with an introduction to Kylo, a prematurely born baby who is fighting hard everyday to grow, gain his strength and improve his health. As the journey continues, readers get to experience a first-hand glance at how his health improved from day to day, yet also seeing the sometimes challenging situations where it’s one step forward and two steps back.

I found the story to be so inspirational, specifically for families dealing with a new baby in the NICU. I especially liked how the author’s used the correct terminology while describing Kylo’s situation, but also included a full NICU glossary at the end of the book for reference. The story is an excellent read for adults and children alike, and I especially enjoyed the artistic illustration designs throughout the story.

I adore how the title of the book was a perfect fit for such a little fighter, as Kylo absolutely did a perfect job at representing a superhero. Although easily a wonderful read for the whole family involved, I think Supreemie would be best suited for families with other small children in the home who are having a hard time understanding why they are not yet able to bring home their new baby brother or sister. While it can be difficult to understand, the author’s have taken the time to explain Kylo’s situation and how he’s working hard to grow big and strong, but also adding in some metaphoric humor that everyone can enjoy. I’m so pleased to rate Supreemie 5 stars and would gladly recommend it to any reader who is looking for an uplifting read that will fill your heart with hope and love.

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This book takes readers on a journey with a premature baby named Kylo. Born weighing just 1 pound 3 ounces, Kylo may be small but that doesn’t stop him from being super! He’ll have to stay in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), which is way different from mommy’s belly until he’s big and strong enough to go home. But adventure and growth await him during his hospital stay. This story follows Kylo on his journey to grow stronger and bigger.

About the author

Nico Shanel is the co-author of "Supreemie: Kylo's Journey through the NICU". Supreemie is her first children's book and she was inspired to write it after going through a 6 month NICU stay with her son, a 24 weeker. She lives in California with her husband, her two sons, and their two kitty cats. view profile

Published on September 01, 2020

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