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Superficial Intelligence


Loved it! 😍

Great read with lots of laughs, perfect for 'cleansing the palette' between heavier books.

Greg Alesso must sit around and think to himself, "How can I take something that really shouldn't be funny at all and push it so far past the limits of ridiculousness that it's not even remotely serious anymore?" At least, that's one possible way that this book came into existence...

Superficial Intelligence is the story of a man who has a tragic accident that leaves him legless. Thankfully, the field of robotics has advanced to the point that he can receive robotic legs. And that's all it takes to get him addicted to the idea of replacing his human parts with robot parts.

Most of the laughs in this book come from the stereotypical situations the protagonist finds himself in and the caricatures of characters he surrounds himself with. Though it's definitely closer to a reality show screenplay then a classic of literature, it definitely is good for some humor. Though sometimes over-done, the farcical situations are obviously meant to be over-done. No one is going to accidentally take this book seriously.

A couple of minor drawbacks kept this from being a 5-star read for me, and it's mostly just pet peeves. The writing is a little amateurish in some spots (though you can get away with that a lot easier in something like this book), and a couple of grammatical errors (including one that really made me cringe in the acknowledgments) prove that the author is actually human, and not a cyborg writing machine.

So if you find that your brain hurts from your latest book on the history of racism in America, or you've gone cross-eyed from the 18th century classic of Russian literature you just persevered through, maybe this comical look at how any good thing can be taken too far is just the right thing for your next read.

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I've been devouring books since I was a little kid, these days I mostly listen to audiobooks. I read about 200 books per year, and one of my favorite things is recommending a book to someone and then hearing how much they enjoyed it.

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Gregory Alesso is a humorist, fiction writer. He has had his comedy articles published across well-known humor publications, which are accessible on his personal website Gregory often writes fictional satire about what he knows best: judging society and being a narcissist. view profile

Published on July 18, 2020

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