Super Scares: Werewolves in the Woods


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Loved it! 😍

A unique adventure for young readers who are fond of scary bedtime stories that would trigger their imagination.

“Super Scares: Werewolves in the Woods” by Nick Jamieson is a children’s book about Amelia’s adventure in the woods after hearing unusual sounds in the forest one night. What kind of sound did she hear? Could it be coming from a real wolf lurking within the woods?

The following chapters of the book would soon satisfy the curiosity of young readers as they follow Amelia’s unforgettable experience in the woods. They would soon join her as she meets not just one but a group of werewolves who are so hungry they could have Amelia for supper! Would she be able to escape them? How would this escapade turn out in the end?

This is a very imaginative book that can quickly grab the attention of kids through its exciting narrative and its attractive illustrations. However, having lesser pictures within the book, I think this is meant more for young readers or those above seven years old. It could also work for those a bit younger if they are not more inclined to be picture driven than story-driven.

The plot itself is interesting and the characters relatable for children. For me, it’s a sort of a modern fairy tale like Little Red Riding Hood, but with a very unusual twist that’s like a children’s story version of the Twilight series. Now you may be curious to ask, “How would that turn out?”

Well, pretty much like a story straight from a child’s own dream or imagination. I was amazed that I really looked forward to what would happen next because it’s the kind of story that would surprise you to the very end.

There were times when I felt the story was becoming a bit too weird for me, but I guess that’s the appeal of this book. Expect the unexpected and simply enjoy the peculiarity of it all. It’s a super scare not just for kids but for adults who are not careful of watching over their sneaky children at night.

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Nick Jamieson writes scary stories for children and young adults. He is fascinated by the mysterious and monstrous, and intends on keeping you up reading until the wee small hours of the morning. Nick lives in Dubbo, Australia, were he goes for long, mysterious walks ... view profile

Published on January 01, 2021

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