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Sunshine & Cinnamon


Loved it! 😍

An easy, yet sweet read that has the elements of a typical romance, but the characters keep you coming back for more.

Ruby is in Laurel Falls for a short visit with her grandmother. She’s leaving in six short weeks to go home. She has no time for anyone who would make her consider staying longer, let alone forever. And that includes the creepy masseuse, Chase, who acted anything but professional when she arrived at her appointment. 

But as fate would have it, and some meddling from those Ruby is closest to, Ruby and Chase keep finding themselves in each other’s company. Turns out, there’s an obvious connection, but with Ruby’s imminent departure and her reluctance to open her heart to someone, they may never get the opportunity to see how deep that connection truly is. 

This was a sweet read, and not just because of cinnamon. Ruby is the typical, stubborn woman who prefers to listen to her mind rather than follow her heart. But Chase is the definition of a perfect book boyfriend - charming, funny, and most importantly patient. His ability to continue to be himself and show how much he cared for Ruby despite knowing she was leaving was endearing. He could have easily been just as stubborn as Ruby and withheld his feelings, but he chose to live in the moment with her and I really appreciated that.

And of course, who couldn’t love Mamu? She is the epitome of the perfect grandmother, and she had this ability to meddle in Ruby’s life without coming off as annoying and overstepping. Ruby’s love for her is obvious, as she never became frustrated with Mamu for interfering. 

I didn’t like how the book continually switched between third and first person. With as many internal thoughts Ruby and Chase had, it would have just been easier to use first person throughout. 

Overall, I thought this was an easy yet sweet read. There wasn’t anything too out of the norm of a typical romance story, but the characters definitely kept me interested. 

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Lindsay lives with her husband and two children in NC. She graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering, which, long story short, turned out to be something she didn’t enjoy. She now homeschools her children and reads and writes as often as she can. view profile

Published on June 27, 2023

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