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Summer with the CEO


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Enjoyable contemporary romance with a classic arrogant hero, hot beachside romance, an unexpected pregnancy, and the love of a good woman.

Readers who like a bit of an old-fashioned romance and a "baby-logue," will enjoy Summer with the CEO. Aria is a talented reporter, and is also down-to-earth, a dedicated family woman, and loves to cook. She's almost an ingenue of a character, but has one major piece of baggage, having tangled with a powerful man and damaged her career as a result. She is sweet-natured and easy to cheer for, though some may feel that she leans a bit Mary Sue.

Eli is a bit of a throwback of a hero. He's arrogant and emotionally detached; he encroaches on Aria's personal space, makes inappropriately sexual comments at a business meeting, and has a jealous hissy fit over Aria's "revealing" swimsuit at the beach. But for all that, he doesn't quite cross the line, and when his feelings for Aria become clear, he can be forgiven.

Where the story excels is in developing the relationship between the two characters. This is not insta-love, although there is attraction. The scenes that bring the two together unfold naturally with good pacing. There is a great cast of secondary characters, and while they may be standing by for their own sequels, they also contribute a lot to the texture and depth of the story. Eli's younger sister Teri plays an especially appealing role. This is truly a character-driven romance, as the plot about Eli's real estate development is a bit incidental.

With so many differences between them, these characters might have gone their separate ways had it not been for a pregnancy resulting from a one-night stand. Mention of condoms and safe sex has become such a standard in contemporary romance (if not real life), that it was actually pretty noticeable when it was skipped. It takes some work to get past their obstacles, which include Eli's horrible parents, but in the end it all works out for their Happily Ever After. Fans of this trope can safely add Summer with the CEO to their beach reading list.

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Alexa Rivers is the author of sexy, heartwarming small town romances set in gorgeous New Zealand. She lives in a small town herself, and shares a house with a neurotic dog and a husband who thinks he’s hilarious. Her hobbies include eating chocolate, drinking tea, reading, and cuddling fluffy pets. view profile

Published on June 03, 2019

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

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