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Streets of Shadow


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1665 Scotland. It's already difficult being a girl...even more so if you are falsly acused of murder. A great novel with twists and turns!

Kenna has grown up in affluence in 1600's Scotland but her parents are dead and she is left living with her older sister. Kenna has suspicions that her sister's illness is not natural but rather the result of underhandedness; however, when she discovers her sister truly has been poisoned the tables are turned on her. Her unscrupulous brother-in-law accuses her of murder and has her taken away in the dark of night to an area in Edinbourgh that has been closed off due to rumours of plague. Kenna goes from being a well treated young lady to being an outlaw hiding from the law in a barn overnight. She soon meets up with a band of outlaws who take her in as help but also have plans to train her to be a thief. At the same time, Kenna is determined to see justice for her sister and see that the real purportrator of her sister's murder pays for his crime.

Streets of Shadow by Rebecca Bischoff was such a good novel. And oh, the twists and turns! Some of them I actually didn't see coming for some reason, so was quite surprised half way through the book where I actually voice out loud "What!! No way!" And you have to keep reading all night to find out what happens next.

I certainly fell quickly into this storyline with Kenna scaling the walls of their grand house in her expensives clothes so that she get into her sister's room to visit her. I found all the characters to be nicely fleshed out and believable. The settings are well described and researched without being overdone on details, which means the story has a nice balance and pace. It's part historical novel, part gothic adventure and part mystery. I think that there is something for everyone to enjoy and I would recommend this book readers who enjoy a variety of different genres. It was a great historical yarn that keeps you wondering.

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An avid reader since Grade school, I think there is nothing better than losing yourself in a good book. I've also taken on the role of finding great books for my niece and nephew to read so I pre-read quite a few middle grade and YA novels to find great books to inspire their love of reading.

Streets of Shadow

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Rebecca Bischoff is the author of MG and YA books. She loves to read everything from mysteries to paranormal to historical novels. She's a dedicated Anglophile who loves watching BBC shows and reading mysteries that take place in the British Isles. Rebecca lives in Southern Idaho with her family. view profile

Published on March 07, 2023

Published by Immortal Works Press

120000 words

Genre: Historical Fiction

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