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Stop Your F#cking Whining (and Do the Damn Thing)


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In his debut book, author Kevin Jiggetts writes with unabashed sincerity to embolden the faint of heart to reach their fullest potential.

Fear is not a feeling Kevin Jiggetts allows to have any authority in his life. 

As soon as it creeps up, say when the idea of pursuing a dream comes to mind, or while entertaining some kind of drastic life change that could carry the potential for massive happiness, he treats fear as a fleeting emotion that he looks dead in the eyes while uttering three pulverizing words: “Fuck You, Bitch.”

Jiggetts, who many may know from his role as an incident commander on 2014’s TV drama “Those Who Kill” to his role in 2015’s “Concussion” in which he plays an FBI agent, among his many television and film credits, he is also a former corrections officer and marine who survived a vicious life threatening bombing while serving in the United States Marine Corps in the early 1980s which earned him the Purple Heart. 

Having lived through heroic experiences both on and off the battlefield, he has learned a thing or two about life’s dichotomous nature that is both unforgiving and rewarding — that is, if one can find a way past the self-limiting dimensions of your their own head.

In his debut book, which he bluntly calls “Stop  Your F#cking Whining (And Do the Damn Thing)," Jiggetts assumes the role of your own personal mentor and life coach — using the wisdom he’s acquired from his own life — drilling down in-your-face principles about reality, the dangers of negative influences, the necessity of perseverance, and believing in and embracing your individuality to encourage, motivate and inspire even the faintest of heart to live their best life. 

Throughout his cuss-wrought rants that will crack a light-hearted smile, Jiggetts reminds readers of the Mike Tyson in us all, challenging us to tap into the strength we all have to face our demons and our worst inner critics and emerge from the other side a kinder, more patient and responsible version of ourselves. 

Jiggetts’ book is not only hilarious and told from a no-nonsense narration, readers will recognize the meaning of true power by taking the high road in life’s circumstances, summoning the courage to pursue your dreams, and giving yourself a break as you map your nonlinear way to success. 

His intent, after all, is to “turn the whiners into winners” — this coming from a man who believes in the power of words and the breakthroughs that can come with every self-affirming proclamation. 

To quote Jiggetts, “You have the power of inspiration.”

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Kevin Jiggetts is a recent graduate of Grantham University with a BS in Multidisciplinary Studies (Cum Laude) is a Combat Decorated U.S. Marine Veteran (Purple Heart Recipient), former Corrections Officer and has more than twenty years’ experience as an Actor on TV, in Film, and in Theater. view profile

Published on April 06, 2019

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