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Stop Killing Us


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Stop Killing Us, by Terry Keys is about Black America’s fight for equality from the end of slavery to present day.

Stop Killing Us, by Terry Keys is about Black America’s fight for equality from the end of slavery to present day. Keys is from a predominately Black, rural town in Texas. This author is from a Christian family that did not talk against other races or speak about racism between Blacks and Whites with the exception of a ‘hint’ that people may view Keys differently because of his race. Therefore, the author believes in treating people fairly and believes he will receive fair treatment. According to Keys, he didn’t experience racism at home or at school. However, when a biracial couple at his church begins dating, a division arises among the congregants. Blacks were more accepting than Whites. The author notes this incident as being his first experience with race relations.

Keys feels the sting of racism when he marries a White woman. Regardless of his Christian upbringing, he can’t escape the stereotypes of being Black American. He gives many examples of being a victim of unjustifiable racial harassment and discrimination. He writes about Black American stereotypes such as Black people are loud, lazy, and aggressive and cites cases of racial injustice toward Black men in the past to present day.

He wants to be identified according to his character as a man—not the color of his skin--very much like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Therefore, this Black man focuses on being human and doesn't allow the opinion of others to define his behavior.

Stop Killing Us details how White Americans are killing Black Americans physically, mentally, and psychologically. It thoroughly explains the many traps in the American society that continue to abase Blacks. This includes the corrupt judicial and prison systems and many more. However, since businesses buy stock in the prison system, the scales of justice are unfavorable toward Black felons.  Young Black men must stay out of the system. This book presents truths that are disturbing.


In Stop Killing Us, the author provides excellent research. This information reflects the obstacles that many Black Americans face. Is this book the answer to Black America’s fight for equality from the end of slavery to present? The reader can decide how to use this information. It has 158 pages.

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USA TODAY Bestselling author Terry Keys is an award winning novelist. His first novel 'Chained Guilt' won the NIEA Thriller of the year award. A native of Rosharon, Texas, Keys spends his time hunting & working out. He lives in Dickinson, Texas, with his wife & two children. view profile

Published on July 28, 2020

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