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Stolen City


Loved it! 😍

A fun, sassy urban fantasy with unique settings and a great "found family" dynamic

This was a really fun, fast-paced read. I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of a vampire and a siren having an odd-jobs business that tends to wax supernatural. It also takes place in Hawaii, which made it ten times better (to me, anyway) because it’s such a fresh location and the last place you would expect an urban fantasy to be set. It allowed for some unique locations and world-building, all couched within the culture of the islands. I've personally never been to Hawaii, but it sure felt like the author knew her stuff, and that really helped place me within the world of the story.

Also, I thought it was interesting that in this world, paranormal beings are integrated into modern society, which I think leaves a lot of room to explore the social and cultural implications. As it is, I think this book only touched on the possibilities, but as the first book in a series I can see how it was laying a lot of the groundwork for future books.

With that said, there were some plot threads that were set up and not really carried through by the end, but I'm hoping this means these will get explored later. I also wished that the antagonist and his motivations had been a little more fleshed out before the end, or that he had been more connected to the protagonists--it was sort of a "Who the heck are you?" encounter.

I also wanted to see more inside the vampire covens, which we usually observed from a third-party perspective. I was left with some questions about how their society worked and there were some scenes left out that I felt could've really given me some insight (like the blood ceremony). But again, future books could fill in the gaps.

Overall, however, this book was fresh and quirky and totally renewed my love for urban fantasy. The relationship between Min and Owen felt really genuine, and there were some really neat little character moments throughout. It’s a great “found family” dynamic that takes it beyond just a paranormal mystery. It reminded me at points of both Supernatural and Vampire Academy, so if you're a fan of urban fantasy, I recommend this book to you!

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Published on March 06, 2020

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