Loved it! 😍

Utterly spellbinding. This book is pure bliss to escape to and lose oneself among the stars.

Isolated and alone, Etar, a young Starseer, is desperate to learn more about his powers. Starseers are incredibly rare and well sought after, placing Etar and those around him in a difficult and precarious situation. When he meets Hans, his entire world is turned upside down as he is introduced to an alchemist who promises to teach him everything. With a friend now by his side, Etar must face a series of tests and challenges in order to grow and strengthen his gift, and, ultimately, to discover the person he wishes to become. Closely followed by a ruthless enemy hot on his trail and with his magic continuing to be uncontrollable and unpredictable, Etar's actions ends up putting himself, and those he cares about in even more danger. Will Etar be able to gain control over his powers and prove to himself that he is capable of great magic?

One of my favourite parts of this book were the characters. Each was as individual and unique as the next, bringing with them something new to offer to the story. They all have such rich backstories, even if they have not yet been fully explored, the enticing hints leaves you itching to know more. But it is their personalities that really draw the reader in and lift the words off the pages. I've noted all of their wonderful characteristics, mostly because I wanted to remember them!

- Etar has a soft and loveable disposition, with such pure intentions despite everything he has gone through.

- Hans is cheeky yet charming, he cares deeply about everyone he loves, and will drop everything to be by their side.

- Jossan is inspiring, a remarkable leader, carries enormous quantities of strength and is fiercely protective (do not get in her way!).

- And lastly Áehd who has the most complex and ingenious mind, as well as a heart made of gold (or is it diamonds?) that few are lucky enough to witness.

The focus on all the bonds between these characters lay at the heart of Starseer, whether they are positive or negative relationships. There is a great emphasis on the importance of found family and how it can shape an individual. Every character felt realistic, in particular the teenagers, whose budding relationship is very sweet and awkward; the innocence at the core of it all juxtaposes the darker themes sprinkled throughout the book. 

The overall storyline is spellbinding! Supported by descriptive, evocative writing, the world the author has created is extensive. With a blend of fantasy and some almost scientific elements, there are so many aspects to be explored and unpacked here. Skalland, the island they inhabit, is the perfect location to tell this story. Each site; the castle, the town, the lighthouse, is overflowing with its own equally important stories. It is a joy to be swept up in this world and let the tale unravel around us. The magic system is imaginative and intriguing. It is unlike any other I have ever read. I love the communication between the Starseers and the stars, I am desperate to learn more about that! Every scene is beautifully written as one flows effortlessly into the next. The overall pace was steady yet fast. I found that there were no slow moments to separate the reader from the story. I just wanted to keep reading! One of my favourite little aspects from the book were the mechanical insects that Áehd creates. They are such a clever creation that adds so much volume to the story and connected various characters together as well as moments in time. 

I just want to mention that the book cover is absolutely gorgeous. It has an enticing, artistic design, that is so eye-catching, grasping attention immediately. Every element is so well thought out from its use of colour to the font style. The art complements the story perfectly. I am hopeful and excited for any future instalments to this story! I want to learn more about the wider world, the history of Starseers, and discover more of what Etar is capable of. This was an epic introduction to the world, that carries so much potential and possibility. I certainly recommend this book to every fantasy reader!

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