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An intergalactic crew of thieves take on a job with ramifications far greater than they can imagine.

E. R. Donaldson's Star Spire is the first book in his Chronicles of Nethra series and it is simply amazing. 

Star Spire tells the story of an intergalactic crew of thieves who take on a dangerous job for a client. Little do they realise that there is much more at play than a simple robbery. They are now inadvertently involved in a skirmish with some of the wealthiest, and most dangerous people in the galaxy. 

There's a lot to love about Star Spire and I won't be able to cover it all here. But, the one thing I loved was how good it was as the first book in a series. Most first books either give away too much too quickly or give away nothing at all in an attempt to tease it all that. Star Spire is perfect because t gives away just enough to intrigue the reader while holding back enough to pique your interest and keep you in anticipation of the next book. 

The storytelling is beautiful, it is not hurried, and it doesn't drag, it simply proceeds at its own leisurely pace. The characters are alive, they are people and not just characters, in fact, their stories stuck with me and they still resonate long after I have finished the story. 

The world-building is excellent. Usually, in stories like this with so many different places, species, planets, and customs it becomes hard to keep track of who is who, and the where is where. Here I seldom get lost, the descriptions of places and people are intricate and so I'm able to keep abreast of where we are in the galaxy. 

The several different species of people also present a bit of a challenge. There are Terrans, Maurs, Orchallens and so on, each group with its own distinct set of features and culture. However, ultimately there is enough time devoted to differentiating the groups without detracting from the story.

There is an information box at the beginning of each chapter that explains briefly one aspect of this fascinating world and it is helpful.

Everyone should give this book a go. Especially Sci-Fi, Space Opera, and Fantasy nerds. 

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Published on December 04, 2020

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