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Spiritual Rebel: A Positively Addictive Guide to Finding Deeper Perspective & Higher Purpose


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A spiritual guidebook for the modern-day seeker. Bowen takes the reader on a journey of finding and redefining their beliefs.

"Spiritual, but not religious" has become a stock phrase that defines a younger generation that rejects institutional religion, but still wants to believe in something larger than themselves. But what does that actually mean in practice? What do you do if you consider yourself skeptical, yet longing for more?

Sarah Bowen provides a framework for these modern-day spiritual seekers who may be deeply ambivalent about what she calls "the G-word" (God) or "the B-word" (Blessing). In lively and energetic prose, Bowen lays out a framework, ideas and suggestions to explore, go deeper and even capital B- Believe in something. "During our redefining process, it’s important to clarify our own beliefs rather than to just stand in opposition to what we don’t believe in,"  she writes. For Bowen, this means big ideas but also practical day-to-day exercises like breathing and intentionally sharing blessings.

Bowen's own journey has taken her to the edges from growing up in a preacher's family, disillusionment and disbelief, and finally finding an inclusive path forward. Today, her calling means "redefining what sacred, spiritual, and religious mean for us," she says of the growing number of "spiritual rebels." This includes getting in touch with ourselves, our world, our universe, God (however you define God) or even in pop cultural touch points like Star Wars and other modern myths.

Bowen brings a wealth of experience to her spiritual quest that she shares with others, from an eclectic seminary to tons of books to world travels. Her goal is to help others define what spiritualism means for each person and group, rather than just what they reject from traditional religion.

Personally, I find Bowen's philosophy refreshing, and I can relate as someone who grew up in a traditionally religious household but now find myself drawn to spiritual rebels and look for meaning in myths and pop culture. Our tribe of spiritual misfits and rebels are all looking for someone to lead us. In Bowen, we find someone who won't tell you exactly where to go, but will invite you to take your own journey and provide encouragement and help along the way.

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SARAH is a spiritual educator, award-winning author, and aspiring Jedi. She’s passionate about the world’s wisdom traditions, animal welfare, and travel to spiritually charged locations. Read her work in Spirituality & Health, Tricycle, Elephant Journal, and mindbodygreen. thisissarahbowen.com view profile

Published on June 11, 2019

Published by Monkfish Book Publishing Company

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