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Spelling for Kids An Interactive Vocabulary & Spelling Workbook for Kids Ages 5-13. (With Audiobook Lessons)


Loved it! ūüėć

Parents, this is an excellent educational resource that provides SO MUCH VALUE at an affordable price!

I highly recommend this workbook for homeschooling parents who are looking for an affordable addition to their English Curriculum. The fact that this workbook is geared towards children aged 5-13 years old is excellent because you will have a learning tool that you can use for 8 years at an affordable price! Of course, when one homeschools, their child may go at a faster pace and want to challenge themselves sooner, but that’s the beauty of homeschooling. The children can learn at their own pace, so again, the value that is provided here, by the author, is excellent!

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I am a mother, author, educator & entrepreneur. I have homeschooled for 16 years & counting! I am ALWAYS looking for new books to introduce to children. However, I am conscientious of WHAT they read. This means I have a keen eye for what will truly be enjoyable, inspirational, and educational.


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Bukky is a wife, mother of teens, teacher and #1 amazon best-selling author. She attended the University of Lagos and attained her first degree, following this with a master’s degree in Education from the University of Greenwich UK, for the sheer passion and love she has for children. view profile

Published on November 03, 2022

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