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Space Kids - The Journey of Hope


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Adventurous, exhilarating, and informative. That's Space Kids for you.

Sophie and a bunch of kids are enlisted on a routine space exploration mission after going through a rigorous vetting process conducted by the Space Command. But mid-way through their journey, they are forced to make tough decisions that could affect the fate of their mission. So, Buckle up alongside Sophie and her space mates to find out whether they surmount the challenges and make it out victorious.

The narration was simple yet captivating. The element of fantasy added zest to the story and it made the reading experience surreal. I loved the fact that the author brought together a group of kids of different backgrounds, all under one roof. Despite the physical and cultural differences, they got along with each other so well and worked as a well-oiled team to ensure the success of the mission. His story is exemplary of the ability of children to accomplish daunting tasks that are deemed to be achieved only by adults. The author's creative juice drips from every single page, as he takes us on a journey to mystical lands which are inhabited by exotic creatures and human-like beings. He gives equal weightage to the characters and that helps us understand them even better. The scientific space terms were explained lucidly for the benefit of young readers. The whole concept of space travel would pique their interest and encourage them to explore more of the subject.

If it could excite a full-grown adult like me, I'm very sure that the children would find it the same way. I hope Alan Nettleton develops this story into a series, wherein Sophie and her friends get to explore even more planets and have a great deal of adventure.

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Passionate about books that can captivate and inspire children. Have spent years reading to my own daughters. I think there should be more books that encourage girls in particular to think about science, technology and the environment, and what they could do to lead us into a positive future. view profile

Published on April 18, 2020

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