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Fans of fantastical adventures and a bit of mystery will delight in this evocative beginning to what promises to be a thrilling trilogy.

Knights, royalty, and the lust for adventure are the backbone of a number of novels and series, but Soulforge stands out from the rest. Characters and plots spring to life beyond these stereotypical outlines to fill the pages (and readers' minds) with enchanting images of a life and world beyond our own.

Arros and Draxian are best friends. With little desire to accept the torch of responsibility from their fathers, they find much excitement in getting into mischief and pushing the boundaries of their lives. It's only when Arros pushes a bit too far that Draxian quickly regrets joining his partner in crime. But whether they like it or not, their lives have been changed forever.

There's so much to give away after reading this book that I can hardly contain the complexity of the plot within these few hundred words. What I can tell you is that with each page, you'll want to explore more of the mystery that seems to be dictating every move both Arros and Draxian make. As soon as you figure out one scenario and think you're ahead, the script changes and you find yourself missing yet another puzzle piece. The hunt for information begins anew.

Brian Zeeff does an admirable and artful job characterizing both the integral players as well as their backdrop. The prose is not overwrought with fanciful phrases, but rather brings you the action via realistic conversation. Surprises and reveals are given their due, without wandering into the overdramatic. Plus, you won't have to sit there for 20 minutes wondering, "How do I say this character's name?"

Given the opportunity, I would happily read and write a review for the rest of the Legends of Kohr trilogy. I read the final few chapters in a mad rush to find out what would happen and yet I know deep down that the story unfolding has many more layers than I could have first imagined. There's more at stake here than just returning life to normal, because for Arros and Draxian, there is no more normal. In fact, life itself might be in jeopardy . . .

I urge you to read Soulforge by Brian Zeeff, especially if you are a fan of mystery and fantasy. I can't say much more without giving away too many details, so take some time out of your busy day and give Soulforge a read. I'd hazard to say it might even join your shelf of "I'm waiting for the next installment in this series" books. I know it's on mine!

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Brian Zeeff is a photographer, martial artist, writer, and author of the new novel Soulforge, the first in the Legends of Kohr series. When he's not writing or coming up with new story ideas, Brian likes to spend time with his wife and son, camping in tents, and hiking or climbing mountains. view profile

Published on December 18, 2020

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Genre: Epic Fantasy

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