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Son of Mary


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A captivating and touching fictional narrative of the life of Jesus Christ for readers of the 21st century

Son of Mary by R.S. Ingermanson is a captivating and lively retelling of the story of Jesus Christ (Yeshua in the book). The author is a highly accomplished writer and physicist who has personally visited Jerusalem and researched it in-depth. The complete story is told in a four-part series named Crown of Thorns, of which, this book is the first.


Yeshua needs no introduction. He is an evergreen personality, known almost everywhere in the world. Some love him deeply. Many others respect him. Yet others hate and reject him. The author belongs to the first category. He is a disciple of Christ himself. His purpose is to retell the story of Yeshua in a manner that people of our times can easily relate to and enjoy, yet, as true to fact as possible. Consequently, his book would fall in the category of books like Fulton Oursler's The Greatest Story Ever Told and Anne Rice's Christ our Lord: Out of Egypt, not rogue or scandalous ones. 

How does this book differ from other fictional works on Christ? R.S. Ingermanson's story is primarily based on the gospels. Happenings in the gospels are not too well-connected. Sometimes, descriptions are abstruse. Yet others are too brief and leave you with hanging questions in your mind. This work renders the gospel account of Christ in one clear, connected, well-described story form. It resembles modern storybooks and is extremely likely to be attractive to readers of the 21st century. Additionally, the author has embellished it with his own research and interpretations. These features are what make the book stand out from other works of contemporary Christian fiction.


This book is very well narrated and absorbing. I found I was able to read through it rapidly due to its clarity. I also enjoyed reading the book because the author has blended scriptures into it with such perfection and skill that the resulting narratives paint vivid scenes in your mind, as you read. You feel as if the narratives are coming to life inside you!


I strongly disliked the inclusion of a fictional component i.e. the 'four (evil) Powers’ that Yeshua must find and destroy to complete the mission he has been sent on by HaShem. Apparently, this component has been added to create suspense. However, it ruins a familiar and beloved story to many by casting an ominous shadow on it and poisoning its innocence.


Doubtless, the book is a great read. Consequently, I recommend it to all who love light fiction. Only those who reject Christ are excepted. Finally, I would add a note of extreme caution to readers: This is a work of fiction. It parallels the gospels, but there are significant differences that one needs to be aware of. Therefore, this book is not a substitute for the gospels or for the Bible. You still need to read the Bible to get a reliable and authoritative account of the life of Jesus Christ.

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Miryam of Nazareth

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Randy Ingermanson wants to take you on an adventure to ancient Jerusalem.  He earned a PhD in theoretical physics from UC Berkeley and has has won numerous awards for his fiction.  Randy has worked several seasons on an archaeological dig on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. view profile

Published on April 05, 2020

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