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Snout Chasing Tail


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Fulkerson's fourth poetry collection showcasing, yet again, his wit, honestly and dynamic style.

From the opening poem, Snout Chasing Tail is reminiscent of Fulkerson's first full length poetry collection, The Glenmore Sessions. This collection, however, is far more tongue-in-cheek at times and celebrates Fulkerson's pointed cynicism as he explores modern life.

There are humorous pieces, such as 'Luck Favors the Risk Takers', which had echoes of beloved British poet Brian Bilston, and a few are a little indulgent and forgettable. But, Snout Chasing Tail improves as you read with the eponymous poem being utterly brilliant, capturing the honesty I've always enjoyed in Fulkerson's work.

This strength and dynamism is furthered in pieces like 'To My Former Self, from a Future Iteration', an incredibly moving piece, 'The United States of Dichotomy', a phenomenal indictment and a hope, and 'Death Comes on Twelve Wings', a visceral piece demonstrating Fulkerson's superb command of imagery and lexical choice. All of which are sublimely juxtaposed by pieces like 'Wad of Flesh'.

It is a timely and experimental collection reflecting upon life and how vastly it has changed while other things feel painfully stagnant. 'A Merry-go-round in Purgatory' is a perfect example of this and will resonate with many due to the isolation we have experienced in recent years. Snout Chasing Tail then draws to a touching close. Fulkerson paints a superb self-portrait before sharing a gorgeously heartwarming and soft final piece about being a honeybee.

At no point in this collection does Fulkerson attempt to hide or hinder the wonderful eclecticism of his work. It is what I have always enjoyed and admired Fulkerson for; he is a writer who responds wholly to the life he lives and the lives he witnesses. Thus, there is something for everyone in this collection - just as there was in The Glenmore Sessions. Both collections are highly recommended reads!

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Joseph Fulkerson runs Laughing Ronin Press and is the author of fifteen books and chapbooks. His most recent, East Jesus Nowhere, is forthcoming from Anxiety Press. He lives and works in the bourbon-soaked hills of Western Kentucky. https://linktr.ee/josephfulkerson www.LaughingRoninPress.com view profile

Published on August 24, 2021

Published by Laughing Ronin Press

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