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"Sometimes, you have to crack the concrete to get to the good stuff you've buried inside." Snakes and Lovers by Anne Lovett

Snakes and Lovers by Anne Lovett is a non-stop rollercoaster comedic yet romantic ride. The protagonist, Daisy Harrison 38, twice divorced, tan skinned, with sun-streaked hair, drives a purple VW bus named The Beast and works at the Paradise Bar in Daytona Beach Florida. She has a "friends with benefits" relationship with Hoagie, a freakin' handsome man with an admirable set of pecs. She also has a friend named Lorelei who wears her long black hair piled up high on top of her head. She's the kind of woman that wears sequins on her t-shirt while teetering around on her manolos. The day starts out normal enough-there are the usual customers as well as one in particular who sports sparkly toes and tickles frozen blackberry margaritas with her tongue, along with her companion. When Daisy's good friend Lorelei asks her to petsit Bogart her 5ft python. Lorelei's son Raj, who is part Hispanic and part (India) Indian, will be watched by her pregnant sister, as Lorelei needs to go out of town for a few days. Raj will be looked after by his pregnant aunt. However, the day that Lorelei is to return arrives, but alas she does not. Then Raj's aunt goes into labor and Daisy becomes both babysitter and snakesitter. Oh and to top it all off, she gets a message from her brother that their mother has kicked their father out of the house.

ROAD TRIP! Daisy packs up Raj and Bogart in The Beast and they travel to Sawyer,GA to visit her mother, Madame Esmeralda or Moo as she's affectionately called. There she has to contend with ghosts from the past in the form of her childhood sweetheart one Luke McDuffie. Luke is 6ft tall, brown haired, broadshouldered, and slender. He wears pinstripe suits and drives a BMW. But, how do you breathe again when your soulmate has married your best friend?

Just when things can't get any worse, they discover that Lorelei, Raj's mom, is in the news because she was arrested for desecrating cemetery property and then she winds up injured in a daring escape and she's now in a hospital in New Orleans (of all places). Luke volunteers to come along on yet another ROAD TRIP!

This book reminds me of the Seaside Harbor series by Fiona Grace. It entertains you from start to finish and makes you feel all warm and tingly. I appreciated the research the author did regarding the different places traveled to such as Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana this can be seen in her descriptions. When in Daytona Beach, Florida, she talks about the brisk ocean breeze, "mingling with the inside air, tangy, smoky, beery, smudged with a touch coconut oil." When they are in New Orleans, the characters speak of dining on crawfish and mudbugs. And they drink Sazeracs cocktails.

This is a delightful rom-com. I laughed aloud as Daisy finds herself first at a seance given by Moo and then must deal with her father's midlife crisis. Along the way, she discovers that sometimes life does give us second chances.

I rate Snakes and Lovers by Anne Lovett a 5 out of 5 stars. I love the realism given to the scenes as they traverse the country side. I feel like I'm truly there. I recommend this book for adult audiences due to some sexual content, however.

Anne Lovett is the author of several other books including Saving Miss Lillian.

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Published on September 28, 2020

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