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When a clandestine climate engineering effort goes horribly wrong, can the world unite to save itself from certain extinction?

When a clandestine climate engineering effort to fix global warming goes horribly wrong, can the world unite to save itself from extinction? Prof. Bill McGuire's spine-chilling story, closely mirroring current world events and realistically predicting the near future, shook me up well and hard.

The knowledge that "geoengineering" or "climate engineering" is a real thing and scientists are conducting small-scale outdoor experiments to see if global temperatures can be brought down magnifies the impact of this book. It could really happen, you know!

Skyseed begins in 2028, some years after the coronavirus pandemic has ended, leaving Britain (and other countries) in an economic decline. Global warming has reached alarming proportions, yet many world leaders, especially the US President, indulge in political whataboutery and deny the existence of climate change. The UK, too, is not doing enough to cut back on carbon emissions. Does this sound familiar?

In the aftermath of a volcanic explosion, scientists around the world discover mysterious spherical particles in the ash samples taken from the air. Little do they know that powerful forces are willing to kill to keep the truth about these particles hidden.

What follows is a heart-stopping account of how people find out what those particles are, why they are in the stratosphere, and how big of a mess the planet has been plunged into.

There's no happy ending to this grim story, although the author has allowed us a sliver of hope on the last page.

Skyseed spans a total of 25-30 years, describes the consequences of meddling with the climate in a precise and clinical manner, and does not indulge in hysterics. The author shows rather than tells, and you can feel the impending sense of doom together with a frustrating helplessness over events beyond your control.

It's tragic and horrifying--more so because the way our real-life world leaders are behaving, something like Skyseed could very well come to pass.

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Bill McGuire is an academic, blogger, broadcaster, activist and popular science and speculative fiction writer. Amongst other things, he is Professor Emeritus of Geophysical and Climate Hazards at UCL, a co-director of the New Weather Institute, and patron of Scientists for Global Responsibility, view profile

Published on September 28, 2020

Published by The Book Guild

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Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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