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Skid Kids is the exciting story of mutants who battle it out in a cut-throat roller-derby-style competition for a chance at freedom.

Skid Kids is an exciting young adult story of the dystopian world of the mutants’ Wastelands and Westport, where the remainder of humanity is gathered. The walled city of Westport, or The Station as the mutants call it, has been governed by the powerful National Freedom Party, their leaders entrenched in maintaining the status quo and apt to do anything to keep it so. But not all humans believe the mutants are less than animals, dangerous, and requiring extermination; they remember they used to be humans, too and were only changed when caught in the effects of “The Cleanse.” With the latest season of the Skid Mark League at hand, they are finally prepared to act on their beliefs. To the mutants, the start of the Skid Mark League represents hope. The team of mutants that comes in first at the end of the season is given their freedom. 

Author Michael Franz has created a vivid world of opposites in the Wastelands and mutants and Westport and its people. His descriptions of the circumstances of the mutant population are almost tangible and desperate. The opulence and insulation of Westport, the city of the hope of the mutant rollers, is not what it seems. The cracks in the myth of freedom are slowly revealed as Zander and his young sister, Kensy, get drawn into the political machinations going on in Westport.

And speaking of Zander and Kensy, the brother and sister duo are the main characters of the story and are surrounded by a variety of interesting and sympathetic supporting friends. You can’t help but root for the mutants (on most all of the competing teams). They are that likable and relatable. Yes, there’s a bad apple or two (both mutant and human), but what would the plot be without them? It took a little longer for me to get on board with the Westport folks, but eventually, I did as the two stories entwined.

Although Skid Kids features mostly young adult characters (mutants don’t live long), I think readers of all ages will enjoy it. I found it an absorbing story and whipped through the over 400-page-long tale, feeling quite annoyed when I had to put it down to return to necessary tasks like sleep.

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After half a lifetime Michael Franz started to realize that compassion for other people is not good for business. Luckily, it's incredibly helpful in writing novels, crying in public, and navigating fatherhood. His debut novel, Skid Kids, is out on July 20th, 2021. view profile

Published on July 20, 2021

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