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Loved it! 😍

Original, fresh world-building, dynamic characters and fun fight scenes should put this story high your list of new PNR to check out.

In the first few pages, the hero, Ryan, muses that "sailors are a suspicious lot." And that really hit me. They are! They're also a highly superstitious bunch. Given that, why aren't there more seafaring paranormal stories? Thorne hits this sweet spot with convincing authenticity, in this highly original tale of sea monsters, intrepid sailors, and elite paranormal hunters, set in the Bering Sea and Sitka, Alaska.

The originality doesn't stop with setting. The mythology driving the world-building draws on seagoing legend, fae realms, and possibly even a touch of Disney's Ursula in the villain, combined with imaginative character-driven elements. It's put together seamlessly and is a pleasure to read.

I would be remiss in my review if I did not let potential readers know that there are a few flaws. In my opinion, this book would benefit from a stern editor with an ear for awkward word choices, a red pen to battle adverbial overuse ("she pushed her stylishly overgrown bangs out of the way to see the source of the deliciously deep timbre") , and knowledge of the difference between "she was loathe" and "she was loathsome." Ouch.

Back to the good stuff: I want to mention the secondary characters. Ryan thinks of himself as a loner, but he's part of a crew on the Coast Guard ship and his crewmates are great, especially Captain Willa Price. Though she has limited page time, I really want to see more of her. Quinn is part of a team of paranormally enhanced demon hunters. They have wonderful, distinct personalities, and I'm especially looking forward to Vann's story, the big, quiet, tough guy. Another thing I loved about this book is that the women are matter-of-factly treated as fully competent and fully equal, without a heavy hand.

For me though, the true test of any kind of romance, paranormal or other, is the characters. Ryan and Quinn light up the pages. They're three-dimensional, confident, but have flaws and vulnerabilities, and for the most part they deal with their issues like grown-ups. The dialog is snappy and natural. The main characters have great chemistry, both professional as they work together to bring down bad guys, emotionally as they get to know each other, and sexually -- the love scenes are explicit and hot. If you're looking for a new, original paranormal romance, give this one a try.

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Published on March 23, 2020

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