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Silent Pretty Things


Loved it! 😍

A woman finally free goes on a mission to expose a family secret and cross one last, and dangerous, hurdle.

So Anna stumbles upon a secret. A text between her father Victor and aunt Marlene. She has an inkling of the awful truth but she needs proof. She heads to the library. There she meets Michael Donovan. He is the local historian and he knows what she needs. They search the archives. Finding a high school photo of her dad and a lady draped around him kissing his neck. Not her mother. Her aunt Marlene. The deep dive down the rabbit hole begins. Anna is used to being perfect but she must make some imperfect moves to unearth the truth. She must find cousin Diane, daughter of Aunt Marlene.

Diane has disappeared without a forwarding address. She is holding a grudge against her mother because she divorces her beloved Dad. Enjoying her new life not looking back.

The mystery starts to unravel when Anna calls her brother Frank. They are close. They did not have a good childhood. Victor made the children feel like a burden. Father and son have a troubled past. He is determined to help find the truth. Anna contacts Michael for help tracing Diane. He is successful and passes on the information. A family gathering is planned at their parents' home. With a man like Victor Goddard, things go sour.

The Goddards are a realistic family story gone bad. O.J. Lovaz writes a wonderful female character. I appreciate the effort in fleshing out her psyche. Somehow I found myself thinking about our similarities. I understood her triggers and the underlying rage. I totally get it. It was a great escape for me living vicariously through her. The book has a touch of romance too. Because when Anna and Michael first meet there is an immediate attraction. It didn't feel forced. As for the mystery of the murder, I won't spoil it. You must read it for yourself. Silent Pretty Things is worth a read.

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I am a reader of a few genres but I have a particular fondness for the psychological thriller. I am comfortable reading about dark topics. I usually find my next read from random online discoveries. I usually rotate between reading a few books.

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O.J. Lovaz is the author of Silent Pretty Things—the riveting suspense, mystery, and thriller novel that will keep readers turning pages late into the night. His background in Psychology has offered Lovaz a compelling insight into the human psyche, the raw matter for rich character development. view profile

Published on August 17, 2021

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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