She Planted Her Own Flowers


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A collection of poems that could voice out your own journey of pain, suffering and healing.

She Planted Her Own Flowers is a collection of poems by Kathlene Sharpe that touches on subjects that deal with hurt, suffering and healing. It is like a journal that opens up to the reader how a person who has undergone deep pain and trauma thought and felt. More than a journal, however, her words are like true echoes that take you where she went, allowing you to journey with her, through darkness, and anguish, night and cold toward sparks of light, warmth and hope.

Not everyone may be able to relate with everything the writer has gone through, but for those who could, they may find in this book the feelings they have always wanted to express. They'd find a person who at last could understand them, someone they can identify with. It is after all not a short or easy journey, but through this book, they may feel that they are not alone.

On a personal level, though I may not have felt the same depths of grief the author had, I was able to relate to many of the poems in the book. There were various lines that moved me and tugged at my heart. There were also many times when I just had to pause for a while to appreciate the beauty of the imagery presented to me.

Others may find the poems here too dark for their own taste or sensitivity. On the other hand, others may say that the poems have not reached the level of their pain. I believe that it really depends upon the person reading these poems. Poetry is an art that can be appreciated on many levels. And each person's journey is a unique one.

I suggest to those who may want to read this book that they browse over a preview of some of these poems so they could get a feel if these could match the promptings of their own heart. But for all of us who have ever loved and for all of us who have ever shed tears for betrayal, abuse, misunderstandings or years of unrequited affection, I think we could all relate to the poetry in this book somehow, and we’d find those lines that could voice out how we truly felt.

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Flowers In The Snow

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Kathlene was born in 1984 in Wurzburg, Germany but has spent most of her life living in Northern New York. She writes poetry as a way to heal from post traumatic stress disorder. view profile

Published on January 12, 2021

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