Shattered Lives Broken Dreams


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An absorbing historical biography about a courageous man who fought injustice against others miles away, while fighting for his own rights.

William Cooper lived in a country where despite being a native, he was viewed as second class from the ruling government. Australia was a British Colony which was under the thumb of the British Crown. The Aboriginals were treated with scorn or worse. William Cooper sought to change that throughout his lengthy existence. In 1932, he formed the Australian Aborigines League. However, as Cooper and his fellow countrymen sought equality, the larger World was facing a new danger in the form of Nazism.

In 1938, Adolf Hitler and his ilk had ruled over Germany for 5 years. They had turned their country around economically, and now had visions of grandeur bordering on psychotic. The Nazis had viewed the Jewish population as scapegoats for past German troubles, and now Hitler gave carte blanche for the disenfranchisement of the Jews. Kristillnacht, or The Night of the Broken Glass, was a 2 day orgy of destruction and violence committed against the Jews by jackboot thugs of the Third Reich. Upon learning of this atrocity, William Cooper took matters into his own hands. At 77 years of age, Cooper walked over twelve miles to lodge a complaint with the German Consulate. The recognition of the bleak future for the Jewish people was apparent to Cooper.

Author Barbara Miller tackles the past with poise and compassion, the reader feeling a bond with Cooper as he unselfishly appeals for the rights of strangers. The events having occurred 80+ years ago, yet never feeling that far removed. The subject matter is sensitive, yet that is never a deterrent for the author. Wrongs are meant to be righted, whether recognition for Cooper's unselfish and brave act, or Australia's calculated and cold dismissal of taking in Jewish refugees. The emphasis is that its never too late. The cause of freedom and equal rights ring loud throughout this excellent narrative. The author has done a tremendous job in her work and bringing the deeds of Cooper to a larger audience.

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Barbara is a historian, pastor, mediator, psychologist, sociologist, teacher & social justice advocate. She lives in Australia with her husband Norman, an Aboriginal artist & pastor. She has been recognised by Who's Who for her international humanitarian work. view profile

Published on June 08, 2020

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