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Shadows of Darkness: remnants of resistance


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Freedom fighter, James Janis is brought face to face with the darkness threatening to consume his soul in this epic sequel!

Under the guise of peacekeeping and the self-proclaimed deification of Supreme Chancellor Callaghan, the Global Federation’s mission is to eliminate any remnants of resisting cultures. We rejoin James Janis and Shani Jaffa as they find themselves abandoned on a mission, with no hopes of extraction, forced to witness the depths of brutality that the Federation is inflicting on those who refuse to submit to worship Callaghan. Freewill is now on the line and several countries have been decimated by the Federation’s extinction-level events, but it becomes evident that even their propaganda cannot hide the truth of the remaining resistance. All the while, survival, grief, and trauma have forced James into a combatant posture that leaves Shani concerned for his state of mind. With plagues striking the planet, Callaghan having his sights set on universal domination, and James having visions he cannot explain, what will become of the remnants of resistance?

Author, Jonah White, does a truly phenomenal job developing James and Shani’s characters as believers, freedom fighters, and friends whilst contrasting the brutality and fear-mongering that Callaghan and his demonic forces promote through propaganda and his demand for worship. White does a magnificent job in penning this apocalyptic world, rich with technological descriptions to set your imagination running whilst describing biblical plagues and the effects on the human senses. Offset the immersive nature of this dystopian era with different timelines and character perspectives on the same event and the characters; their emotions, flaws, nature, and motivations, come to life! The darkness that James is faced with, the truth that his friends try to show him, and the deep losses felt by characters we come to know and trust along this journey are feelings that leave the reader experiencing the world alongside the characters. 

This book carries an appropriate trigger warning and is aimed at an adult audience as it carries descriptions of violence. That being said, if you enjoyed the first novel and want to find out more about life after Operation Latter Exodus, this is the book for you. Expand your Christian fiction collection with this riveting, fast-paced, action-packed sequel that you do not want to miss! 

Face the darkness with Shadows of Darkness: remnants of resistance

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Prologue & Chapter 1

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Jonah White is a Christian Science Fiction & Apocalyptic author. he has had a passion for writing, writing short stories and a variety of literary works. He pursued a writing major at Marquette University, exploring and learning to write multiple genres of writing. Visit www.jonahwauthor.com view profile

Published on August 18, 2021

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Genre: Christian Fiction

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