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Shadows of Darkness


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Shadows of Darkness is a fantastically immersive and unforgettable read, bound to be a favourite in Christian fiction!

Buckle in for a fast-paced, action filled novel set in an apocalyptic era that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The planet has been ravaged by cataclysmic events leading to the mass loss of life on Earth and the risk of human extinction. Having eliminated governments across the planet under the guise of bringing peace, the Global Federation has taken collective control of the world, controlling resources and rations through force, eradicating any who oppose their rule. Resistance factions have sprung up in an act of defiance against the tyranny and violence used to keep the population under control. We meet our protagonist James Janis in the midst of a mission in the Amazon as part of one such resistance faction. James’ life and faith lead him across the world as he continues his attempts to fight for freedom before the impending revelation of the antichrist and the mass loss of innocent lives.


White has given us a truly phenomenal firsthand perspective of what it would be like to live through the prophesied years of tribulation tied together with a thrilling narrative of life as a fugitive and a freedom fighter. The pacing of the book beautifully compliments the sense of urgency James feels to protect innocent lives from wrath of the Global Federation. White has woven biblical prophecy into an incredible work of Christian fiction showing his knowledge of scripture blended together with the skilful writing of apocalyptic fiction. Shadows of Darkness is a great summer read filled with action, humanity and faith. The characters we meet along the journey add varying layers of depth to the story deepening the life experiences and choices that we watch James make.


If you’re a fan of action and looking to expand your Christian fiction collection then Shadows of Darkness should be high up your list. I would recommend this book a more mature audience due to the trigger warning (there are some highly descriptive depictions of violence and death). This is a quick and captivating read and it’s sure to be a story that I remember for a very long time.


Shadows of Darkness is a fantastically immersive read!

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Jonah White is a Christian Science Fiction & Apocalyptic author. he has had a passion for writing, writing short stories and a variety of literary works. He pursued a writing major at Marquette University, exploring and learning to write multiple genres of writing. Visit www.jonahwauthor.com view profile

Published on August 25, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Christian Fiction

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