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Shadowborne has an intriguing story at its core but it could do with a bit more polish.

Shadowborne, at its core, is the story of two brothers and their relationship with each other. It is spiced up with the premise of magic, different worlds and intrigue.

The story (so far) is typical epic fantasy fare with ancient wars in a world different from ours that is accessible through gates. Yes, there is not much new here when it comes to the context. But, Shadowborne sets itself apart by its emphasis on the brothers (the main characters) as well as the supporting characters. The brothers and their interactions with one another is quite realistic and is the main reason for the book to stand out from its peers.

The magic systems are not much different from what we have seen before - Shadow, Radiance etc. There is some amount of action that we see with the magic but it kicks into high gear only towards the end; what I read reminds me of The Wheel of Time and the 'Sad-din' and the 'Sad-dar', except that the roles are reversed.

Unfortunately, the book suffers a bit from pacing and it lost me a couple of times. It is only towards the last two-thirds that the potential really starts showing through - I am hooked now that I read the ending. But, be prepared for some dull bits, especially in the beginning.

While I am definitely going to check out the next book since the story is an inflexion point, I just wish that the book were a bit more polished. There are the afore mentioned pacing issues. In addition, the book just feels a bit 'rough'. A bit more fine-tuning - the transition between scenes, a bit more emphasis on character development and evening out tonal changes will push Shadowborne closer to its potential.

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Published on February 13, 2019

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