Shades of Nature 2


This book will launch on Jan 1, 2021. Currently, only those with the link can see it. 🔒

The Shades of Nature contains 50 pages of poems. They are unique and as varied as the people who delve into them. Take a rainy day with a rainbow crowning it. Some people miss the glory of the rainbow because of their disdain for rain. The lightly falling snow can create a winter wonderland to build a snowman or simply something to be shoveled.

Brooks and valleys, lakes and oceans, mountains and hills, lots of scenery, lots of seasons, animals of all kinds, sunrises and sunsets. are just a few of the situations your senses will delight in.

That's what you'll find in "Shades of Nature"

Shades of Nature 2

A Place to Be

The grass is greener than green;

the sky as blue as can be.

Hills adorned with wildflowers

that waft freely in the breeze.


The raccoons paw their food.

Bunnies hop up and down.

The deer take quiet steps.

Butterflies flutter around.


Should there be a place to be,

I would choose to be right here.

Rolling hills and all its nature

whisper “Come” into my ear.

A Slice of the Night

The dawn of the day,

a slice of the night;

should you mix them up,

twould make quite a sight.


Stars would shine brighter

because of the light,

while dawn would become

a twinkly twilight.

And the Night Sang

The sun fell from its perch on high.

The moon lightened the darkening sky.

Stars peeked out, twinkling one by one

and the night sang

until the dawn.

Arms Outstretched

O’er the grassy green hill

and into the meadow below,

They ran with arms outstretched,

with nary a care to show.


The children danced and played,

surrounded by colorful flowers.

They laughed and skipped for joy,

when the clouds released their showers.

Bluster and Luster

 Stars sparkling on high,

the lake did embrace.

The water’s reflection,

the moonbeams did chase.


The wind joined the choir,

emptying the trees.

In the cover of night,

it stole all the leaves.


The wind and the moonbeams,

the stars in the sky;

bluster and luster

from ‘neath to on high.

About the author

Writing poetry is my favorite past time. I've written and published 7 books. They are all poetry laden. My poems are short and inventive being designed to bring joy to the reader. In a poem, one can experience anything that the mind can think of. There is no end to what can be imagined. Enjoy! view profile

Published on January 30, 2021

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Genre: Poetry

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