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Seeking the Lord, A 30 Day Start to Your Journey


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Whether you are just seeking God or have been seeking Him for many years, this is a great book to read!

           Seeking the Lord: A 30 Day Start to Your Journey by Keon Lindsey is designed as a devotional book to show you how you can have a life filled with satisfaction despite stressful and chaotic times. This is a debut book for Lindsey, but he does have more works in progress.

           Lindsey starts the book out by defining what it means to search, follow, seek, and desire, four terms that are used in the Bible for “seek,” setting a firm foundation and understand of what he means by Seeking the Lord. Next, he explains what sin is, how it hinders us in our relationship to God and is a roadblock to seeking the Lord.

           Lindsey takes us through the 30-day journey using some common people from the Bible, with familiar stories. He also uses less common people (hello, Bezalel), with less familiar stories, sharing antidotes and stories to make his point. In addition, he uses unlikely people, like Rahab, to show what can be done with a person’s life when they are actively seeking God. He asks thoughtful questions throughout, making you think about what you are reading, instead of just skimming through it.

This book is designed to be read in 30 days; each chapter read on one day. The readings are short, they might take maybe 5-10 minutes to read each day, making it manageable. At then at the end of each chapter is a “think about it” section, asking you to think more in-depth about what you have read before moving on. I would recommend having a notebook handy and journaling through the questions, for a deeper study of the book.

           I love that the Scripture for each day and each point is right there in the text. It makes the book a much easier read, as you do not lose your flow of thought by stopping to look up Scripture references. While this is a book on seeking God, Lindsey also touches on obedience, prayer, parenting, the world, spiritual goals and so much more. For those wanting a little bit more there are a few “extra credit” sections in the book, which point you to where you can read more about that topic in the Bible. He also has extra resources at the end of the book.

           This is a great book. It is one I would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking God or wants to have a closer relationship with God. I would recommend it to teachers, preachers, and anyone else in a ministry position, as a great devotional read. This book could also be easily adapted to be used as Bible Study, by doing a topical study of seeking the Lord, using the people in this book and the discussion questions at the end of the book. The beauty of this book is that no matter where you are in your spiritual journey, this is a great devotional and a resource to come back to again and again.

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Published on September 01, 2020

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